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  1. exspy

    Happy 50th Birthday to the Canadian Armed Forces

    Ten years ago I posted a similar message on the Forces 40th Birthday. It didn't seem to generate much interest then, and it probably won't now. The dates of the formation of the RCAF and the RCN (the date of the formation of the Canadian Army is a subject of great debate) are known by all the...
  2. exspy

    Ric-A-Dam-Doo on CBC

    I was able to watch this on CBC Edmonton because I have time shift channels via my cable provider.  I don't know why it wasn't available across Canada in prime time, but that's the CBC's decision to make. On the whole I enjoyed it.  The piece on Tommy Prince through family interviews was the...
  3. exspy

    ARMY 2020: Britain Out of Germany (and more)

    Gents, I don't know if this has been posted here previously. I couldn't find it, but thought it would be of interest. It lays out all of the changes and reductions through which the British Army will have to suffer over the next 8 years. Very informative. Cheers, Dan. PS: Didn't the world go...
  4. exspy

    RCA Depot and Troop 159

    Gunner, I'm fascinated by stories of the Canadian Army in the 1960's.  Your Depot troop, 159, was one of the last before the RCSA Depot closed the following year.  Any other stories that you may have about your service, training, time in etc, would be welcomed by me, if no one else. A few...
  5. exspy

    'exspy' is now 'Dan M'

    What was I hiding from?
  6. exspy

    Camp Picton

    As there was some interesting discussion taking place about the former site of Camp Picton and it's connections to the wartime RCAF and the post-war Army, I thought it would be of benefit to centralize the postings away from the 'Rivers' thread for those wishing to add further. Below are two...
  7. exspy

    Photos of 1 RCHA at Sennelager 1970

    Al Ditter (RCR by way of The Canadian Guards and 3 Mech Cdo) has allowed me to share some of his photographs from the 4 CMBG parade held at Sennelager on June 28, 1970.  It was the same parade that saw the formation of 3 Mech Cdo.  I've taken the artillery photos and posted them separately...
  8. exspy

    M113 APC Colour Scheme Fort York 1970

    A friend of mine by the name of Al Ditter recently sent me some photos he had of Fort York and 2RCR from 1970.  This shot I thought would interest all of the scale modelers who are always looking for real-life examples upon which to base their projects.  Notice the two different patterns in use...
  9. exspy

    Boston Globe Photos of the Afghan War

    This group of 43 high quality photographs includes portraits of American, Canadian, British and Afghan troops.  All of them are fully captioned.  I think the photos of the Canadian helicopter door gunners have been featured on this forum already, but I couldn't find the remainder...
  10. exspy

    Is This the Location of the Former Fort Prince of Wales?

    Below is an aerial shot of the artillery camp.  I scanned it from the souvenir book printed by 2RCHA to commemorate their 1964-67 tour in Germany. This is the Google Map of what I'm guessing is the same location today.  Please note the street named Kanadastrasse...
  11. exspy

    Happy 40th Birthday, Canadian Armed Forces

    On February 1st, 1968, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force were no more, their place taken by the newly created and unified Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian Armed Forces was the last and final step undertaken by Prime Minister Lester Pearson and his...
  12. exspy

    I Diasagree With the Moderator's Decision

    Mike, I was reading the thread on the recent Iranian arrest of 15 British Naval personnel and was surprised to see that it had been locked by a moderator.  The discussion being conducted was civil, respectful, well presented by the participants with little to no ranting and no one had used any...
  13. exspy

    A Short History of the Post-War 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade et al.

    I've seen a couple of previous postings with questions about the 3rd CIB so I thought I would provide the following. The Headquarters of the post war 3rd CIB was authorized on 9 Oct 1952 and originally located at Camp Valcartier.  It was the only brigade headquarters of the four in the field...