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    Alternative handgrip practice

    Hey, there Im wondering if its possible to prepare for the handgrip test without one of those handgrip devices ? I ask because the local gym (a Canadian forces gym)has no handgrip devices and I cant find any in the local stores.
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    Just a check up

    So, Ive completed my online sign-up and I have the documents the CF specified be sent to them (birth certificate/academic transcripts). When I mail or fax these in, do I just send these in by themselves - and the Canadian forces will know to which applicant they belong too- or do I attach a...
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    Application processing

    If I were to put my application in 2 weeks from now would that mean, if contacted, it would be two weeks later than if I had submitted it two weeks earlier? Or do they start processing applications after they've collected so many from a time range. For example would a application be reviewed...
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    Will your height-weight ratio or "BMI" be a determining factor on your application ? Or do they only address this issue at the actual physical ? obviously one who is very overweight, say 350lb + might create an issue but Im 5'11 and 222 pounds with a BMI of 31, but Im fairly physically fit. Im a...
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    "In demand" and "Accepting Applications"

    I went to forces.ca, and in the recruiting section the trade I wanted (Infantry) wasn't listed as either "In demand" or in "accepting applications". Does that mean any application  in which infantry is listed as preferred occupation is a waste of time ?
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    How relevent is dental health ?

    How important is dental health to being accepted in the Canadian forces ? I remember me uncle being denied because he had braces.  And I have a few fillings and generally lukewarm good teeth.
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    It's not Easy Being Green

    The Telegram 3/29/08 (Transcontinental Media) "By Aaeon Beswick The Green Party's organizer in Newfoundland and Labrador, Ted Warren, has quit over the partie's ties with radical environmentalists.   Environmental organizations have proven they arent  interested in ending the hunt, said...