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    amphibious reconnaissance clearance squadron

    I was on the Canadian army website today and in the Armynews section there was a video on the new amphibious reconnaissance clearance squadron.  However, as usual the video does not load properly.  Can any of you guys tell me where I can find more information on this new squadron?  Also in part...
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    CH47 Chinook

    I read on a recent thread, sorry that I can't remember which forum it was posted on, that the Government plans to replace the Griffons with the new Chinooks.  While I applaud the decision to purchase the Chinooks (long overdue), I have a concern.  If this is true, would 17 Chinooks be able to...
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    active duty deployments for naval reservists

    Hell0 I e-mailed this question to a navy recruiter but never got a reply, so i'm posting it here.  Can NCM's and officers (specifically MARS officers) in the navy reserve volunteer for  active duty deployments on Canadian navy frigates and destroyers?  I know its done in the Royal Navy.
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    CSIS firearms policy

    I was recently on the website of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.  In the FAQ's section it states that CSIS agents don't carry firearms.  Could someone enlighten me, why on earth in this age of ever more fanatical and dangerous terrorists (like those plotting to behead the PM or blow...
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    quicker way to get in, reserves or regular?

    Greetings to everyone I keep hearing about how long the application process takes and i've been wondering, what's the quickest way to get enlisted, applying to the reserves or the regular force?  I'm thinking primarily about infantry or armour. :cdn:
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    CSOR uniforms

    Hello to all In a video on the Canadian Army website the CO of CANSOFCOM stated that on a daily basis its personnel will wear CADPAT and the tan beret.  On occasions that require them to wear dress uniform what will the personnel of CSOR and JTF2 wear, the uniforms of the service from which...
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    Halifax Class FELEX

    Hello all I was recently on the DND website reading about the Frigate Life Extension Programme and I noticed something.  The upgrades listed (including some already implemented) include things such as: improved Sea Sparrow; updated radar; SIRIUS infrared system; updated EW suite etc.  All of...