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    Logistics Officer Common Core Course Online this summer

    Hey, did anyone take the online only Logo common core course this summer that ran from june to august. how did it go, will they do it again did you do it from home or the base? i have many questions if we can chat offline.
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    Naval Logistics Officer Course

    Just got my VOTU to LOGO and will go on training in a few years when I'm done school. I heard that the navy environmental portion of LOG was recently just taught on the coast in Halifax instead of at Borden. Is this the plan going forward? Will they send the course out west to Esquimalt. Less...
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    Need Help With Folding Canadian Flag into Triangle for Shadow Box

    My buddies retirement is in a few days and I'm doing his shadow box on leave. Last step is getting the flag folded into the triangle for the top of the box. Do you guys know the procedure?
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    Harry DeWolfe Posting?

    Is this boat going to belong to the West Coast fleet, I heard they've already stood up a command team out here in MARPAC? Anyone have any interesting info on the systems or timeline on this vessel? Wouldn't mind trying for a posting on her if she comes out here.
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    Promotion Boards

    Can someone please explain to me how the point's system works again? You used to get extra points for physical fitness and still do for bilingualism. My chief who was an ex-career manager also said you get points for "Breadth of Knowledge". Some naval examples of this are qualified on multiple...
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    USN Patent Leather Oxford Shoes Authorized

    So just got home from a trip down to San Diego and I picked up a pair of those lovely patent leather oxfords they sell at the NEX uniform store. My Div O, my Chief and several other senior ranks that said they're authorized for wear and they even sell them at the CANEX now. I was just...
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    New Pension Averaging

    I've heard rumors in the last 6 months about this horrendous idea. I first hear about it from my ships engineering officer (LCDR) that they are looking at changing the way our pensions are caculated from 5 best years to the whole career. Then today I heard more of the same thing, that "it's in...
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    What manner of medals are these?

    These look foreign definitely. British perhaps? Is this reservist allowed to wear them? I mean damn, it's alot for a Corporal. Found it in the Vancouver Sun
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    Alot of misconceptions with the IE25 amongst newbies

    I'm currently on the IE20 and will retire at 38 with 40% annuity. This is my case. But what I hear ALOT from my new apprentices and technicians who joined after the IE 25 came out. Is they are under the impression that: A. They do 25 years (obviously) B. Cannot collect their annuity till 55...
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    Things to do in Australia ?

    Going to be visiting Australia with some time in Sydney. Was wondering what were peoples recommendations on the city of Sydney who have been there on port visits before or vacation?
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    What level of dress can I wear to a civilian formal dance?

    My girlfriend is graduating from law school in the spring, and she has asked me to wear my naval uniform to her formal dinner. It's a civilian black tie affair. I do not have mess kit. So what level of N1's would I wear to this? Do I treat it like a military mess dinner. N1's, bowtie, and...
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    Looking for Updated JIATF(S) Chop in Dates

    I was wondering if any clerks on here had access to an updated (to 2011 or 2012) sheet on the JIATF(S) dates for OP Caribbe for ships participating in that OP. The last one I saw came out in 2010. Several ships have deployed down there since and I would like to know if their dates have been...
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    NOK question?

    If i was common law, my NOK is my wife right. But now that I am single again my NOK becomes my parents? Is this true even though I have a 3 year old son? I mean a 3 year old can't be put down as your NOK because hes a minor. Correct? If thats the case does this mean I get my HLTA flight to my...
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    Getting separated need help with paperwork?

    Hey, So my common law fiance has decided to leave me. We broke up October 21st while I was on deployment and I've had to come home to deal with it, but we still live together till she can find a place. I know that's messed up but I didn't want to put her out in the cold so to speak. She will be...
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    Operational Service Medals?

    Have any of these been issued yet. They Haiti one, or the Expedition one. They released these medals about a year ago but I haven't heard about anyone getting them awarded them yet. I've had my paperwork in for the OSM Exp since last spring now and haven't heard a whiff. Do you think they mint...