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  1. TacticalW

    Generation Kill :: Based on the Evan Wright's Novel and made by HBO

    Hey guys, I would've thought this was already posted but after going through the search function discovered differently. This is based on the novel Generation Kill "Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America and the New Face of American War" by Evan Wright. It was made by HBO and before anything else...
  2. TacticalW

    Here I Go

    Well, some might remember me posting a thread a while back and unfortunately that got locked. Anyways I applied a little over a year ago and after some months of waiting for things to be scheduled and my application to be moved on, I got held up some months later when I was informed I'd have to...
  3. TacticalW

    from handed in application to merit listing

    So here's my story from application to me being about to be merit listed (as soon as people handling my file get back from holidays x.x) After working out for 6 months and getting more details I finally decided to put my application through and start on the recruiting process for Reserve...
  4. TacticalW

    Some questions about CFAT and time till BMQ after acceptance

    Well, I haven't quite posted up my application yet because I'm mighty nervous about the CFAT (even though I went through some samples and it was easy enough) and I want to also make sure I'm at peak performance physically. The thing that will influence whether I post up the application in a...