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  1. ab136

    TCP and IC Calculations

    Does anyone know how the TCP and IC's are calculated? I have heard soooooo many stories of people with similar qualifications getting vastly different TCP and IC's.  Is there a standard of some sort? I have read CFAO 49-4 and searched the best "I" can and I have found nothing of the sort. Is it...
  2. ab136

    Thanks kincanucks!

    Not sure if you read any of my posts over the last month or so?  I did finally get an offer for as Air Force ed-tech.  My BMQ starts Oct 23.  I will then be posted, the end of January, to Gagetown. Thanks for putting up with all the asinine PM's I sent over the last year or so.  You are a great...
  3. ab136

    sore knee

    I have been running for most of my life and today I incurred a problem I have never had before and I was looking for some input.  I went out for a run this morning, 5 miles, not an excess by any means.  About 4 miles in my knee tightened up to a point I had to stop and walk and even then the...
  4. ab136

    Anyone watching Rockstar INXS

    So this show has gone on for about 6 or 7 weeks now and I was just wondering if anyone is watching.  I kind of know one of the contestants.  Don't know him personally but we have traveled in the same circles and have a few friends in common. ( How is that for a brush with fame?) ...
  5. ab136

    Far More addictive than Kitten Cannon

    Very addictive and IMHO a new pleage on society.  I can't.......stop........my.....self. ??? http://gprime.net/game.php/magnetism
  6. ab136

    Recruiter not calling me back??

    Need some advice.  I work the same hours as the RC so it is very hard for me to get in contact with them.  Yesterday and today I have been off work,(slow slack-ass carpenters can't keep up).  I have been trying to get a in contact with the Capt who is handling my file, but he is not returning my...
  7. ab136

    Are issued combat boots steel toed?

    There is a lot of info on boots but nothing about a steel toe.  Seems like all boots should have steel or at least a composite toe. IMHO.  What do members of construction troops wear?
  8. ab136

    Public Service Health Care Plan PSHCP [Merged]

    As a new member, how does the Cf medical plan work for family members?  What is the cost and are pre-existing medications covered?
  9. ab136

    February Selection Board

    I'm climbing the walls right now!!!!!!!!! I'm having phone line trouble but my internet still works; go figure, usually the other way around. Today I called the RC to add another contact number to my file just in case my phone goes bad (like it did) and they can't get a hold of me. Since I had a...
  10. ab136

    trade qualification evaluation

    When your file is being reviewed for trade qualifications to get a semi-skilled status, where is it sent?
  11. ab136

    Is there a limit to the kind and amount to "kit" a member can have?

    Questions I have wanted to ask for a while now. I'm in the recruiting process; not a member yet.  When someone does BMQ the idea is not to standout...blend in with everyone else. When you get posted, that idea seem to go out the window.  I see from different threads that members resole their...
  12. ab136

    How do you get to be a BMQ instructor or a MOC instructor?

    How does a member become a BMQ instructor or a MOC instructor?  I'm sure your years of service has something to do with it.  Do you have to take additional courses, is it an appointment,is it duration for the position or it that your "job".  Just looking for info on how you got to where you are...
  13. ab136

    Everyone recruting should read this!

    This was posted by Spazkatt in another thread.  I think it was an excellent post so I'm reposting it. It answers a lot of questions I had. By starting a thread with it I'm hoping everyone recruiting gets a chance to read this PFD document...
  14. ab136

    Polished Boots

    This might be kind of a silly question but hey if you don't know ask!  I'm in the civvy construction field.  When a plumber or capenter or electician is working on site which is close to finishing, we are always concerned about our boots putting marks on the floors.  Since Military boots are...
  15. ab136

    Looking for information/links to ED Tech information

    I have not been able to find much on this trade other than the recruiting info.  Can anyone link me to some info or possible to a Tech.( that would be great) Please feel free to PM.  I'm in the app process and want some more insight. :salute:
  16. ab136

    Not sure if I should post this...it's going to PO some people....

    I'm not posting this to brag by any means. I just want to give some hope to guy/gal who have not gotten very far in the app process.  Ok.  Don't be pi**ed at me.  I had my interview and medical on Wed.  My interview; I thought I bombed but I was told I did alright. The Doctor who did my medical...
  17. ab136


    I'm sure this is not the correct forum for this question but I'll start here anyway. I was just wondering if the CF is a good starting point for someone wanting to get in to community policing/RCMP.  I'm sure some of the training would be relevant. I know this is not an RCMP site. I'm just...
  18. ab136

    I have skills so where will I fit in?

    I've been in a skilled trade for 14 years.  I have inter-provincial journeyman qualification.  From the research I have done, it is "possible" for me to acquire a corporal status.  I'm not sure if I would want that right away without any military experience, just seems kind of foolish.  But I...
  19. ab136

    For those of us who are waiting....

    Just got off the phone with a recruiting center.  I was told that there is a shortage of career councilors.  I've had my new app in since September and I was told today that I would get a call before Christmas....with a little more prodding I was told that it would most likely be January.  But...
  20. ab136

    Yet another sit-up question....please forgive me!

    I'm a member of a local gym.  We work-out Mon., Wed., Fri. I thought I was in relatively good shape.  Almost do min push-ups, sit ups never a problem. Until tonight.  The guy running our class was on the national Rugby team....Big F**ker.  Anyway he showed us how to do a proper sit-ups. On your...