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  1. Matt_Ubbing

    A question for the CP techs/CP Supr/Tech WO's

    Well, as most of us know. The backup to IFCCS, is another IFCCS, then MAPS, or at least that's what's taught nowadays. I had this challenge come upon me when trying to Acquire 2 more CF-30's as we only have 2 and will require 2 per CP minimum with Mortars. Which pub. does it say that in? All I...
  2. Matt_Ubbing

    C3 105mm EFC Reference

    Does anyone know where I could find a specific reference for EFC's? I.e. Chg1=.25 and Chg7=1 . I've been hearing conflicting information and no one seems to be able to give me a clear answer. I swear I saw it in some publication somewhere....can't find it again though.
  3. Matt_Ubbing

    Where did the CIG directives go?

    Went to the arty school website on the din.... Can't seem to get access to them anymore... help?
  4. Matt_Ubbing

    CIG Directives

    Anyone have an E-copy of CIG Directive 08? Won't seem to work on the site for me.
  5. Matt_Ubbing

    IFCCS 5.2

    Came up on a problem with the new burn with the charge changing when going into FFE, when it shouldn't. Got this from LSEC: "Here is the Log for the Msn I was talking about.  If you scroll down the log you can see right before FFE the computer changed the charge from 5 to 6.  Then the student"...
  6. Matt_Ubbing

    need Joining instructions for CP det Comd in Sault Ste Marie

    Can anyone help me get some joining instructions for CP Det Comd in Sault Ste Marie? I'm down to the wire here, and I've got nothin to go off of. Help would be much appreciated.
  7. Matt_Ubbing

    Lesson Plans..

    Wondering If anyone knows where I can get ahold of lesson plans, either DWAN or Internet. I tried using Documentum, however it doesn't seem to be working anymore. help please?
  8. Matt_Ubbing

    New Guns for 1 RCHA...

    I don't know if any of you have heard yet, but 1 RCHA, A bty more specifically are getting new guns. They are getting the M777 from the US. I guess its a 155 mm towed howitzer. There are a buncha people from my Regiment getting augmented to A bty for the upcoming tour in Feb and I would like to...