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  1. SHONIT123

    WTB Trial SORD Chest Rig

    Looking for one of thoseĀ  Sord rigs that got trialed out operationally in late Afghanistan (Pic attached Below). Would prefer a whole set but if you only have the rig or pouches still give me a ring. if you happen to have a set give me a PM and ill get you my email. Cheers
  2. SHONIT123

    St John's Ambulance Training Videos.

    Hi everyone, my apologies if this is the incorrect area to be posting this, however i'm looking for some copies of the old St John Ambulance first aid course videos from back when the CF still wore OD. Remembering some of them, there were two on Hyper/Hypothmeria featuring 5EME i think. Then...
  3. SHONIT123

    New reenactment group Vancouver Rifle Regiment

    New Team Vancouver Rifles Regiment The Vancouver Rifles Regiment is a new group created for the purpose of recreating a Canadian forces reserve unit during the 1990's, we are based in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area. To receive info/inquire about membership about out group please contact the...
  4. SHONIT123

    Military Reenactment

    What is your opinion of military reenactors or military reenacting?
  5. SHONIT123

    looking for 90's style Frag vests

    Hey everyone, looking for the 90's style Frag vest (picture attached) or if you know of any stores that would be carrying one of these please let me know! Thanks!
  6. SHONIT123

    Military Police education requirement

    Hi there, I was wondering if The Law Enforcement Studies Diploma offered at JIBC will fill the requirements for becoming an Military Police NCM for Regular force,also would the CAF be willing to pay for my education or is this something that i would have to fund myself? I'll provide a link below...
  7. SHONIT123

    Found-Maps of military bases

    Hi there one of my friends recently found several military maps at a bar in the Vancouver area and found that several of them were stamped with Restricted or Official Secrets Act he is wondering if it is safe to keep these or should he Dispose of them. any answer will help thanks (also these...