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    Pension Indexing

    I turn 60 this summer & was trying to get a ball park figure if possible as to what I can expect for my penison increase (indexing this June). From a couple of google searches it talks about indexing is based on a comparison of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). I served 20 years from 1980-2000...
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    Shadow Box For Medals

    Anyone know of a place online to order a shadow box for displaying medals. Thanks for any info.
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    PSHCP For Retiree

    My wife is getting Cataract Eye surgery which was advised by an eye specialists due to her having a rare eye disorder. Basically the cost to us is $1,500.00 dollars. Will the PSHCP cover any of this. Laser eye surgery is covered up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 (reimbursed at 80%) per plan...
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    Retired and going on vacation (PSHCP)

    My wife and I are going on a vacation ( cruise) in the Carribbean for the first time and wanted to now if the Travel Assistance Benefit coves you while on a ship. It appears that we do have coverage for vacation in general outside Canada but not sure about a  a foreign-flagged vessel as many...
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    Retired Member T4A Slip

    I just signed up for ePost as a way to access my Pension T4A Slip and was trying to find out how long does it take for the T4A to show up or be available via ePost? I followed the instructions step by step but did not see that document only the regular pension slip showing monthly amount etc...
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    Looking For Armoured Vehicle ID

    Took these images today at CFB Kingston, looked over the vehicle but never saw any ID info other than the numbers that show on it. Any ID what this is. Thanks for any help.
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    Hospital Provision

    Am retired and would like to increase my Hospital Provision from Level 1 to Level 3, is their a form you can dowload online and send it in? Not quite sure the route to take to complete this. Thanks for any info. Paul
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    Employment with the Commissionaires in Ontario

    Since the province has now updated the requirements for security jobs in ontario a standard license is required to work in this field. Q1. Do you need to have the license before applying with the commissionaires in Ontario ? Q2. If not do the commissionaires pay for the course themselves if...
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    Images for sale

    See website, thanks for looking. http://paul-otoole.artistwebsites.com/
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    The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

    Good evening folks, wasn't quite sure where to post this question. I was trying to find out what the starting hourly wage is for The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires in the province of Ontario. I sent an e-mail but they said I would have to send in a resume and be interviewed first. Thanks for...
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    Medal ID & Info

    A friend of mine sent a pic of a medal her grandfather received during world war 2. Thanks for the info, got what I needed from the posts, links removed appreciated.
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    Royal Newfoundland Regiment Book

    Anyone know anything about a book by Richard Cramm called " The First Five Hundred", is this a collectible item. Item is original and in pretty good shape, thanks for any info.
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    Appeals Board Completed

    Well I had my appeal board hearing in early Dec 07, it went rather well. It seemed unbiased and well run with no major surprises. The board member indicated 6 weeks for a decision. Nothing received yet, not sure if this is good or bad? Is this normal for the length of time to pass before getting...