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    CAP 2014

    Does anyone know when the next Common Army Phase course is in Gagetown. One of the other candidates in my platoon heard it started Aug. 11. We graduate basic on Aug 8 and so the army people were hoping we'd have at least a week leave after that but it sounds like we won't. Can anyone confirm or...
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    Mobility tools

    I couldn't find anything one way or another about this subject (Most likely because the use of these things is fairly new to the general public). I was wondering if it's a problem to have/use mobility tools like foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bands, etc. i.e. tools used to keep the body working...
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    CANSOFCOM and the media

    I don't believe anyone has talked about this here but stop me if I'm wrong. I was wondering what people's opinions of CANSOFCOM and the media are. In particular I mean compared to American special forces units like Navy Seals and Rangers and the willingness of the American media/ government to...
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    Army/Navy surplus store

    So I was in an Army/Navy surplus store today because I had to pick up some black pants for my new bouncing job. After I got the pants I was lookin around and noticed that they were selling military jackets from the Army, Navy and Airforce... With with rank insignia, badges and some even with...
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    Body building and the Canadian forces

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any experience or knew anyone who stepped on stage to compete while being Reg. force in the combat arms. I'm currently waiting to get in as an infantry officer (hoping to be in BMOQ in August or September) and would like to, when I'm settled down in...
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    Time in between courses

    So I've applied as an Infantry Officer and my best guess is that I'll be shipped off to BMOQ in September. I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to what I would be doing in between courses. I'm assuming that there will be time in between the end of BMOQ and when I'm shipped off to...
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    Applying to JTF2 Selection

    According to the website http://www.jtf2-foi2.forces.gc.ca/ajt-sfo/pro/index-eng.asp a service member requires two years of service to apply to JTF2. I was wondering if anyone knows if that means two years from day one of BMQ/BMOQ or two years from the end of BMQ/BMOQ or something else. Just...
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    BMOQ May 27th

    Hey, I was just curious if anyone here was set to do BMOQ on May 27th. I'm hoping to be on that course but if I don't hear anything in the next few days there's no way.
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    Should I go out west while I wait to hear back?

    I applied as DEO Infantry Officer back in October 2012. I finished my CFAT, medical, and interview April 4, 2013 and was told by my local recruiter the other day that my file had been processed and all I could do now was wait. I have a job I can take in Alberta (I'm in Nova Scotia) but am...