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    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    I will "re-join" as AVS Tech. I started BMQ last summer but had to leave on week 5 because of wife pregnancy going bad... Now that everything is fine with the baby the CF are allowing me to re-join without waiting the 1 year period. Really happy about that. AVS Tech training is theoretically 6...
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    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    Thanks for your reply. That also works when you are sent to Borden for training? I was told earlier that you needed to be fully trained (QL5) in order to get those benefits.
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    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    Hello, sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum. I would like to know if there is any help from the CF after BMQ to sell my house? I mean movers / days off to move the family / etc ? Thanks
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    QMB 25 juillet 2016

    Le groupe s'appelle QMB 25 juillet 2016 J'ai changé le type de groupe pour fermé, peut être que le lien va marcher maintenant.
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    QMB 25 juillet 2016

    Weird.. ca marche pour moi. Envoi ton email en pv au pire je vais t'ajouter.
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    QMB 25 juillet 2016

    J'ai créé un groupe facebook pour ceux qui commence le 25 juillet! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1754269601453439/
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    New guy

    The process with the CF went really fast for me too until I needed documents from my doctor and that the hospital "lost" my request, wasted 4 months because of that. I am glad it worked out well for you, good luck! For me it only took about 2 weeks for the call after being placed on the merits...
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    QMB 25 juillet 2016

    Félicitations! :)
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    QMB 25 juillet 2016

    Merci! Si tu es rendu à la liste de mérites dis toi que le pire est fait car rendu là tu n'as qu'à attendre et comme dans mon cas, ça n'a pris que 2 semaines. Bonne chance!
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Thanks sir, hope you get called too!
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    There has been a selection for AVS this week because I have been chosen! BMQ starts on July 25th ! Yay!
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    QMB 25 juillet 2016

    J'ai enfin reçu l'appel tant attendu! Je suis sélectionné pour mon premier choix de métier soit Technicien en systèmes avioniques. Je commence le camps des recrues le 25 juillet prochain, qui d'autres sera là? Je suis très content d'être enfin sûr de rentrer après environ 1 an d'attente!
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    QMB 25 juillet 2016

    Déplacer vers http://army.ca/forums/threads/122945.0.html
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Anyone know the selection dates for AVS and AVN ? I am merit listed for a week and wondering how long it might take before receiving the call that will change my life. :) Thanks.
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    After so many problems with my medical file I just received the confirmation that I am now merit listed!!! I am so happy!!! Sorry to create a thread for this but this is such a relief for me. You have no idea all the problems with my medical file I had. Thanks for this forum! all my questions...
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    Air Force Appreciation Day

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing it.
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    QMB 4 JUIN

    Félicitations! Tu va probablement partir seul et une fois rendu là-bas tu pourras faire une demande pour un PMQ. Lorsque tu auras ton PMQ ta blonde et les enfants pourront venir à tes frais. L'armée ne payera pas ton déménagement avant que tu ailles finis ta qualification et soit attribué un...
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    Anyone have or know of anyone that has a similar story

    From what I know, the medical and CFAT expires after one year so you will have to re-do them if you re-apply. Maybe someone else should confirm this though. Good luck!
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    Requirements for Aerospace control operator

    FORCE Test is done in basic training so everyone in the Canadian Forces must pass it.
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    And now I wait.

    I am 34 and also in the process. Now waiting for the broken healthcare system here in Quebec to see my doctor... everything else is done except this and I have been waiting for 90 days, this sucks.