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  1. calno

    Captain Nichola K.S. Goddard killed in Afghanistan (17 May 2006)

    I personally know her sister, today she was called out of one of my classes, you think nothing of it until you hear the name on the radio and then it really hits home. It's strange coincidence that she and I were talking about the very subject just a few days ago. Definitely makes you think...
  2. calno

    BMQ weekend without kit

    So I went this evening and my unit issued me a pair of coveralls and a tac vest.  They said not to worry, just pass. Are you just parading in civvys Conquistador?
  3. calno

    BMQ weekend without kit

    Im in the Calgary Highlanders. I talked to one person who was sworn in at the same time today and she said she was getting issued on Thursday. Can't quite make sense of it, she phoned two hours before I did. I'll talk to someone when I'm at the armouries tomorrow to see if theres anything I can do.
  4. calno

    BMQ weekend without kit

    I am starting my reserve BMQ on the 18th, the only problem is that I am not getting issued my kit until the 20th. Is this going to be a problem? I just got sworn in last saturday and phoned stored today and its the soonest they could get me in. Just hoping that it isn't going to set me back. And...
  5. calno

    Pet Peeves

    -rich celebrities who get things, especially expensive things for free just because they are famous while the rest of us have to honestly work --people who talk so loudly on the bus that everyone knows about their latest trip to the doctor regarding their STD -high school football players who...
  6. calno

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Cradle of Filth- Fear of the Dark The Berzerker  :dontpanic:
  7. calno

    Running Cadences

    After downloading a whole bunch of American cadences on to my mp3 and going running that some of them were too slow. Not all of them but some of the USMC ones were only at a jogging pace. Thats just what I've found.
  8. calno

    les anglophones dans le R22eR?

    La seul chose que je ne suis pas sur est, sur la programme a la tele "Truth, Duty, Valour", j'ai vu les Vandoos en train de faire un operation urbaine et ils parlaient si vite qu'il paraissait que c'est tres difficile de leurs comprendre. c'est la derniere question, merci pour me repondre.
  9. calno

    les anglophones dans le R22eR?

    A peut-pres combien en-a-t'il? Je m'excuse pour demander tant de questions mais je suis tres curieux car il n'y a pas beaucoup de francophones en Alberta alors c'est assez difficile a imaginer les nombres. merci
  10. calno

    les anglophones dans le R22eR?

    merci, je vais les appeler bientot quand je sais mes plans pour l'education. y-a t'il un chance que les autres vont me percevoir un peut "different" ou quelque chose comme ca? et je suppose que j'apprendrais assez vitement parler "a la quebecoise" :) ici en Alberta, a l'ecole surement les gens...
  11. calno

    les anglophones dans le R22eR?

    Estce qu'il y a des anglos dans le regiment? J'aimerais bien le  joindre mais je ne sais pas si mon francais est au niveau qu'il devrait etre. Je fais l'imersion en francais depuis 1er annee de l'ecole puis j'ai fais un echange en France pendant 3 mois il ya 2 ans. Mon niveau est le plus eleve...
  12. calno

    Canadian Military Prison

    How do you get the paint off the polish tin without scratching the tin? ???
  13. calno

    Votre motivation pour entrer dans les FC

    Pour faire quelque chose que beacoup de personnes ne veulent ou ne peuvent pas faire. Pour etre different. Et surtout pour avoir un travail qui n'est pas dans un office et qui est un defis presque tous les jours.
  14. calno

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    I would rather go with this one beacause of the larger numbers, it's all about legibility http://www.wheelersonline.com/detail.asp?product_id=6033
  15. calno

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    www.anonimo.com ;D The militare automatico is really nice, but a little out of my price range for the time being! I have a Cardinal watch http://www.cardinalwatch.com/ca_chrono.html- the 2958
  16. calno

    Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) - Canadian Special Forces

    I always forget that part!
  17. calno

    Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) - Canadian Special Forces

    In the book "Canada's Secret Commandos    the unauthorized story of Joint Task Force Two" by a journalist it says that it is Joint Task Force 4 which is a "combination military and law enforcement which focuses almost solely on counter-drug operations" in the U.S.
  18. calno

    Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre

    Mandee, It's Alasdair Edwards, He's in my corps (2137 Calgary Highlanders). I was in WO. Cards Platoon (28) in 2003 I just did CL P&D this summer, i am still mad about the shirts! >:( North
  19. calno

    Britney Spears strip tease game!

    I nearly fell out of my chair!    Especially after I turned my volume ALL the way up Not to mention I had earphones in OWW!
  20. calno

    new polishing techniques

    I make time to polish. Rigginrat, could you please share your techniques, I would love to know. calno