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    Calgary man charged in absentia for terrorism-related activity

    Mayhaps a re-instating of the Death Penalty when found guilty of treason?
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    Recruiting Posters, Slogans and Commercials [Merged]

    They should keep the music, loose the voice over except for the tagline.  The images basically speak for themselves.
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    Canadian Federal Budget 2014 (11 Feb 2014)

    Anyone else get that email telling us to shut our gobs about the budget if approached by the press? lol
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    Osama Bin Laden Dead

    A good election gift.  Now lets get a Conservative victory,  :cdn:
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    Urban vs Rural recruits. Do similar patterns exist in Canada?

    Guess it depends wheither you'd wanna be mauled by a bear or by a cougar.
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    North Korea (Superthread)

    Hmm, drunken fratboy-ism to International politics.  Amusing yet descriptive.
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    Seaforth Mace Stolen

    Maybe someone should check the Westies JR Mess,  >:D
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    Urban vs Rural recruits. Do similar patterns exist in Canada?

    What might be a more interesting question is who fights and Lives?  This perhaps has more to do with reserve units than reg force, but I'd like to see the ratio of who volunteers for service (and to go to Afghanistan) between the rural/urban and between the different ethnic groups.
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    TF 03-07 (Got my call)

    Congrats man.  good luck,  :cdn:
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    History of CF involvement in Cyprus

    thank you for the assistance (I understand about it being monday morning as the last time I slept was 3am sunday morning, yay essay season, lol).  I had actually tried the search option on this site (using the key word Cyprus) and came up.. lacking, ^^;;  I will definetly try the Canadian...
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    History of CF involvement in Cyprus

    Now I took a look through the archives and I haven't been able to find anything so I'll send this question up: I'm doing a paper on the CF's involvement in Cyprus and there seems to be a lack of good books in my University and local library's. Can anyone here recommend any good websites or...
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    CF Empty Hand Combat Time for Change?

    The first part of my post was a sincere question, as I had never heard of a purely Canadian Martial Art.  The second part was a joke; no sarcasm meant (I often use a sticking-out-tongue-smilie to denote joking in my personal correspondence).
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    CF Empty Hand Combat Time for Change?

    What?  Lifting the enemy's shirt over their heads and punching them in the kidneys? :P
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    CBC Radio's "Afghanada": 2006-2011

    They keep hitting the "changing" line. Also, so the Afghans are represented, it's written by long time writers... but who represents the soldiers?
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    New game: army story

    But got lost and ended up at an OR instead
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    The Forever War

    A lot of death.
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    Cpl. Anthony Joseph Boneca - LSSR - 09 July 2006

    RIP Soldier, you gave all you had.  :salute:
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    Westies parade dates

    thursday nights for parading and the last weekend of every month plus sometimes a saturday in the middle of the month for exercises.
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    What happened to the 2nd line of Ops? (From: Replies to

    Now there's a pain that can be shared by quite a few, myself included.  Maybe someone could start a club?  :dontpanic:
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    W5 tonight

    You just gotta love, how in one of the extended interviews, that Capt. Marty Dupuis said that he originally joined  *drumroll* to be a sniper,  :blotto: