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    BMOQ Training [MERGED]

    Hi, My understanding is the BMOQ-L mods must be completed in this sequence: BMOQ-L 5 Course ID 117680 BMOQ-L 2 Course ID 117677 BMOQ-L 1 Course ID 117676 BMOQ-L 3 Course ID 117678 BMOQ-L 4 Course ID 117679 Can anyone confirm?  Apologies if this repeats another thread -- mods please move if...
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    PFD and Flotation Jackets for SAR

    Can anyone recommend good suppliers for PFDs and flotation jackets for marine SAR?  I've been using Salus and Mustang, wondering if there are others -- preferably Canadian?  Cheers,
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    2 Intelligence Company

    Hello, Can anyone confirm whether 2 Intelligence Company still conducts training Wednesday 1930hrs to 2200hrs at 1 Yukon Lane?  I've tried contacting the unit by telephone and e-mail but no response. Thanks in advance,
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    Applying to Reserve unit in another province

    Good morning, There seem to be few allocations for officer cadet roles for new recruits this year for the Naval Reserve in the GTA.  Does anybody know if the allocation is likely to be better in Ottawa or at a reserve unit close to a major base (such as HMCS Malahat or HMCS Scotia)?  From my...
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    Civilian Diver Training in Toronto Area

    Good morning, Can anyone recommend a good school / instructor for scuba certification for a civilian in the Toronto area? Thanks,
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    US Reserves for Dual Citizens?

    Hi, Does anybody know what the options are for a dual citizen (Canada / US) to serve as an officer in the US military reserve?
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    CSIS Priority Area -- Information Security Threats ?

    The CSIS website describes Information Security Threats as a priority and gives several examples.  Is anyone aware of anything available in the public domain (i.e. speeches, articles, etc) with respect to CSIS careers in this area?
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    Time commitment for Navy Reserve training

    Hello, I am an experienced professional with no prior military experience.  I am hoping to join the Navy reserve while keeping my present civilian role.  My understanding is that for a DEO I would need to complete BMQ and NETP training.  Can anyone offer an informed opinion on the time required...