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  1. Pandora114

    Online First Shooter Games

    I'm enjoying Mech Warrior Online. Stompy Mechs!  Husband and I are Part of the Black Widow Company.  (Military/Former Military/military style Gaming company, award winning and all that jazz)  Last night we had a Zombie night.  Was so much fun.  On the 17th we're having our St. Patricks Day...
  2. Pandora114

    Testing on the 20th

    Not stressed about the CFAT.  Not stressed about the PT test...the only hitch I see might be the medical..so fingers crossed on that bit... thanks
  3. Pandora114

    Fun with hydrophobic surfaces

    http://cheezburger.com/47342081 *throws money at screen* TAKE MY  MONEY I would so coat my car with this...and other things...lots of other things.  I wonder if I would be allowed to coat my rain gear with it...or even my nah not the boots, polish wouldn't stick to them after. Still *throws...
  4. Pandora114

    Edmonton Police Issue warning on release of Dangerous Sex offender

    http://www.edmontonpolice.ca/News/MediaReleases/Wadsworthwarning.aspx Just passing this along to all you Alberta peeps.  You guys/gals have a right to know.  Dunno why they chose to release the bastard but have at er :threat:
  5. Pandora114

    German Soldiers growing..breasts?

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/24/german-soldiers-growing-breasts_n_2536939.html :o That's just...wow.
  6. Pandora114

    Race2Recovery team injured on the way to Dakar rally.

    http://www.race2recovery.com/ That page outlines it all.  The tl;dr of it,  UK Military guys, injured in action in various theaters, going to the Dakar rally to raise money for "Hope For Heroes"  got into a car wreck in Peru on the way to the rally area.  Thought I would share it here. 
  7. Pandora114

    *waves* Starting the Reserve recruiting process

    I'm a SAHM.  My husband is an AESOP.  I'm starting the process of joining the local Army Reserve *Airforce one doesn't have any openings..but the more I research the more "fun" Army seems to be*  as an RMS Clerk.  Hopefully to go Reg Force once  DH's career mangler err manager points him in a...