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  1. Annalu

    Anyone done your BMQ in Quebec from Nov 2020?

    Hi, I will go training soon. I was wondering anyone has finished bmq in Quebec since Nov 2020? I would like to know how’s situation there now. Thank you.
  2. Annalu

    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    Hi everyone , I got an hour phone call discussion with my application on oct 27th,2019  due to I am immigrant , and I haven’t lived in Canada for 10 years( I have been here five years). I have done the apt test. Does anyone have idea about what’s next step ? Thank you very much. ( Vancouver area)
  3. Annalu

    Credit Check Superthread- Merged Topics

    I think they may ask to pay back the debt first or maybe you need to write a clarifying paper to promise the debt would be on your own responsibilities.