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    MPO vs CivPol Commissioned Officer

    Span of control and responsibility-wise the Inspector is closest to an CF Major. A commission isn't required for "tactical command" positions. The very first NCO rank in the RCMP- CPL- can find themselves commanding detachments. And a constable could find themselves respossible for one as well...
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    Is this guy for real or a wanabe?

    XRoyal- he isn't currently on contract. But PIDs are employed at the FDUs for a variety of reasons- and on the east coast wind up assisting in recovery diving efforts quite regularly. I wasn't aware of that info regarding the caller. But I stll think that you guys are piling on. Curt...
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    Is this guy for real or a wanabe?

    Curt is an extreme athlete and he trains for a wide variety of things. He also does this particular swim lots. This was his first "problem". He knows to call ahead now- and I ve told him that numerous times before. He is a PID and a fairly well experienced one. I have no doubt that his "work"...
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    Military to CBSA

    I've got some insight into this topic. I've spent a lot of time around CBSA training them and was am military pers who transferred to another fed program. Feel free to PM me
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    Is there a difference between Corporal and Private?

    George- wouldn't this create issues when an investigation happens after an incident when the process of "who is responsible" for the shop starts? I would expect the axe to fall on the cpl in the shop. I'm still a little,confused about how a cpl knows less about his job than a private? Perhaps...
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    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    It seems fine- the changes don't seem that bad. Are they doing like the Army did and issuing everyone a second jacket? I cant for the life of me figure out what the difference in my two DEU jackets is. Why not just update the new flashes and patches on the old jackets or am I missing something...
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    Missouri National Guard sent to Ferguson amid unrest over teen's shooting

    THAT was the phrase I couldnt recall! Thanks! Im getting old.
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    Militarization of the police?

    http://www.policeone.com/officer-survival/articles/7481992-Video-Mo-police-journalists-take-cover-from-hail-of-bullets/ Heres a video to watch with regards to how things are at night there. Someone explain where the "dialogue" is supposed to happen
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    Militarization of the police?

    Actually WE are no where near that point. In fact despite the best efforts of the "tac guys" there are still teams in Canada, large divisional teams with less then a half dozen activations a year. We are so far in the conservative direction of deployment that it's laughable. The kit is shiny...
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    Militarization of the police?

    True. Not unfair. I don't know what their volume is. I'm under the impression that each division got one- not dependant on calls
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    Militarization of the police?

    What? The vehicle is for the division.
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    Militarization of the police?

    Considering it's used in shoring up cover where none is present- sealing off armed people from escaping and one of its roles is to extract injured peopleĀ  from hot zones.... I can think of a variety of situations. Better than that. Since we use them all the time- can you give me an example in...
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    Militarization of the police?

    I'd love to hear the insane reason that the police in Nova Scotia can't have an armoured vehicle with no weapons used as mobile cover. Also- I'm not coming at you sheepdog. I'm wondering what you think the reason they obtained it is beyond exactly what it's used for? One armoured vehicle in a...
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    Missouri National Guard sent to Ferguson amid unrest over teen's shooting

    You didnt come off anyway. I must have come off the wrong way. I am of the opinion that it is the responsibility of the protesters to regulate themselves. If they dictate that behavior is unacceptable and separate themselves from those individuals it would be fine- but they have indicated, most...
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    Militarization of the police?

    There isnt the proliferation of armoured vehicles in Canada that they have in the states. Yes they have at least one in all the provinces- Im not sure why that is too much? New Bruinswick just showed how necessary they are- so much so that there was NOT ENOUGH and Brinks trucks had to be brought...
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    Missouri National Guard sent to Ferguson amid unrest over teen's shooting

    What you are failing to grasp is that people have the right to demonstrate. The police are there to ensure EVERYONE is safe- if the solution doesnt assist in THAT aim it isnt an option. The "political waffling" is what separates us from "those" other countries. We need to step in when people...
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    Missouri National Guard sent to Ferguson amid unrest over teen's shooting

    Police attempted to have sit downs prior to the olympics- it didnt take. But in general in the U.S. force is ramped up quicker- the idea being that its cheaper to get it over with quickly. There are some fundamental differences in how force is used between the two- it may not seem so to the...
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    British parachute wings

    There are several majors in shilo with the Brit para wings on the sleeve of their mess kit. I do not know the authorizing reference- but I also ran into a high ranking nco with the same in Edmonton.
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    Reg Force BMQ as a Reservist- Please advise

    As a reservist last year I was offered two fulltime course spots on BMOQ in St Jean. I turned it down and waited for my PLAR to catch up so I wouldnt have to do the course again- but it was offered. In theory its possible. It is improbable in my own observations- YMMV. You will just have to...
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    Direct Entry for experienced engineers.....

    I recently was on BMOQ-L with a 55 year old engineer officer recruit in the reserves.