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    Day 2 Day routine/life of an officer

    Then you may love it -- I certainly do. Good luck!
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    Is it realistic to join the reserve in my situation

    Basic is usually run by the Reserve on weekends, in Toronto it is run several times a year .  If you want to go officer, you would take Basic Military Officer Qualification (BMOQ) Mod 1, this is about fifteen weekends (every second weekend); and BMOQ Mod 2 which was a five day course last time I...
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    Is it realistic to join the reserve in my situation

    I resemble that comment... When I joined, I WAS "a 45 years old healthy and athletic man with a current civilian profession in banking (full time with extra hours - its a managing position)." No prior service.  So: - It is realistic to apply for a part-time job in a reserve unit at your age...
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    Older enlistment Signals DEO 20/21

    For Basic, the course staff will require you to do an exercise as one complete exercise.  So focus on doing as many push ups as possible all in a row non-stop, i.e. 30+ in a row correctly and slowly.  By the same token, sprint 5K as quickly as possible.  Finally, do planks to build up core...
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    Day 2 Day routine/life of an officer

    Sig O here; with prior private sector IT experience.  Just so we're on the same page -- 'being in the field' means being in a field, or a wooded area, or a swamp, in rural Canada, in a tent or hoochie, in 15 below weather, working non-stop, crawling into a sleeping bag at 3:00 AM and then...
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    ACISS Recruits - Where are you?

    Kingston is great, especially in the Summer.  Hope it works out for you -- and welcome to the Corps! 
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    Older enlistment Signals DEO 20/21

    I enrolled as DEO Sig O in late 40's; many officer candidates on my courses were in their 30s and 40s.  Still serving the Crown, still loving it.  Much demand for Sig O and the opportunities are very interesting. Work on running (sprints, 5K) and push ups (30+) before Basic.
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    Signals Officer

    For what it's worth, in the past BSOC has run twice a year, a Winter serial and a Summer serial.  The Army changes course durations and schedules most years.  By the time you get to it, the schedule may change again.  You are considered an officer once you are promoted to 2Lt.  You need BSOC...
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    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    If you're crazy then I am crazy a decade later.  I joined the PRes at 47 years, in good physical shape.  I am still in seven years on.  Stay in shape, watch your knees and ankles, and hydrate.
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    1. Hard to say -- all our troops seem to enjoy their work and are proud of the trade. 2. I couldn't say it better, Combat Arms appreciate anyone who enables their success.  I've worked with Armored Recce and Artillery, they were very grateful to have Sigs involved. 3. I can't speak for...
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    The other posts make good points: 1. Two months of parading will not give you much opportunity to appreciate the trade.  2. We have Signallers with jump wings -- not many but a few -- if the Infantry jump they need Comms in the field.  Not sure if other Regiments are the same. 3. We have...
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    HMCS Charlottetown

    This thread seems to include a bot -- or person? -- determined to initiate discussion of HMCS Charlottetown ops since 2015.  Maybe the mods could use this as an opportunity to educate the legitimate posters to this site as to the nature / intent of such postings?  Might help reinforce good...
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    I resemble that comment :-).  I am a junior officer of my Res unit and (a) am a senior leader in my civilian job, (b) a Scout Leader, Little League coach and SAR volunteer in my community and (c) have a semblance of a family life.  And my spreadsheets are often late :-)
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    I get several e-mails to my civvy accounts on a slow day and 10 - 20 on a busier day.  It's not the lack of pay; it's the time.
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    Chief of Army bans soldiers from wearing 'arrogant' death symbols

    “After all, when you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.” Sir Winston Churchill
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    6 Year Old

    Six is old enough for Beavers, which leads into Cubs and then Scouts.  They play games for the first few years but work up to camping, knots, map and compass, first aid, etc by the time they get to Scouts.  Not Army Cadets but a good way to test the waters.
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    Coast Guard Hopeful

    If you're within range of a Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary station, you may want to consider volunteering with the Auxiliary.  It might help your application -- but best to check with the College.  At the very least it would give you some experience with in-shore work and small-boat handling...
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    Infantry reg. forces training VS Reserves training

    I can't give a better answer then PuckChaser but I can't resist adding some context -- you say : " What other baggage of experience they bring is of no importance to me unless they were part of an elite SWAT team. " SWAT teams?  Not sure.  But I can tell you that on Reserve Basic courses I've...
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    Thanks for the Help

    1. Don't get hung up on a bad CFAT.  The CFAT is a standarized IQ test and is somewhat similar to the standarized tests put out by the Princeton Testing Service (GMAT, LSAT, GRE, ...) .  It's impossible to point a test at somebody's head and come out with an Intelligence Quotient.  These tests...
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    Infantry reg. forces training VS Reserves training

    You're considering full-time vs. part-time and concluding that Reg Force training is automatically better then Reserve.  You have not considered that there are other factors which contribute to the quality of training.  For example, your peers in Reserve training, in general, will have more and...