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  1. calno

    BMQ weekend without kit

    I am starting my reserve BMQ on the 18th, the only problem is that I am not getting issued my kit until the 20th. Is this going to be a problem? I just got sworn in last saturday and phoned stored today and its the soonest they could get me in. Just hoping that it isn't going to set me back. And...
  2. calno

    les anglophones dans le R22eR?

    Estce qu'il y a des anglos dans le regiment? J'aimerais bien le  joindre mais je ne sais pas si mon francais est au niveau qu'il devrait etre. Je fais l'imersion en francais depuis 1er annee de l'ecole puis j'ai fais un echange en France pendant 3 mois il ya 2 ans. Mon niveau est le plus eleve...
  3. calno

    new polishing techniques

    I now this topic has been covered a few times already and my boots are mirrors, but I am getting quite bored with just one technique all the time! Has anybody got any original or different techniques? thanks, calno
  4. calno

    "tape" on grohmann knife

        In cadets we do some work with engineers and I have noticed that on the sheaths of their grohmann they have what looks like tape, correct me if I am wrong. Just interested. Thanks