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  1. MeanJean

    Problems with searching

    I have been searching the forums for some answers and I have been getting this error message more often than getting returns on my queries.  Am I the only one? Message: An Error Has Occurred! Due to high stress on the server, the search function has been automatically and temporarily...
  2. MeanJean

    Suspicious Bag Found Near Wardroom at CFB Stadacona

    A suspicious package/bag was found in a parking lot by the Wardroom/C&PO's Mess here at Stad.  Relax guys, nothing harmful was found.  The occupants of three buildings were affected and pedestrian traffic was diverted.  Another quiet day in Halifax. :boring...
  3. MeanJean

    Check Your Pipes! Kitec Plumbing Class Action Lawsuit

    A Canadian manufacturer of plumbing supplies, notably for their flexible water pipes and brass compression fittings, has a class action lawsuit on their hands.  The brass fittings react with the aluminum coated interiors of the plastic piping and eventually the brass corrodes and deteriorates...