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  1. dirkpitt1211

    switching out of submarines

    Your absolutely correct @boot12, every avenue i have looked at has been restricted by my unfortunate skill set, and as much as i hate it, I am locked in it seems.  @ModlrMike, the career manager for my trade takes his marching orders from the submarine career manager, who has overall say as to...
  2. dirkpitt1211

    switching out of submarines

    Good afternoon all.  I am looking for advice to change from submarines to general navy service on kingston class boats (same power platform, very little cross training required).  Sustainment has made it VERY clear that i am not going anywhere as I am 1 of 4 qualified op certs able to sail and...
  3. dirkpitt1211

    Status on Victoria-class Submarines?

    well, test shots were good, at least the dummies that float.  so the torpedos do fit, and fire.
  4. dirkpitt1211

    The Going To Esquimalt Thread- PAT, PMQ, Etc.- Merged

    more than likely.  when you get here they will give you your room and tell you to disapear for the weekend.  do yourself a favour and do that.  BUT  come back on monday fresh and ready to go, get your in-routine done, then ask for leave.  this gets you on the books for your pay and starts your...
  5. dirkpitt1211

    MarEngMech Training

    Hi everyone, I am currently taking my QL3 course for stoker and in week 3.  I am a new recruit in since Nov 2010 and have finished my BMQ last April 2011. my question. I have heard the gov't is shopping around for a tender for the METTP program for 2012/2013 year and I want to apply for that. ...