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    CADPAT Gear for sale

    The following items for sale (Pics avail upon request): -Dropzone CADPAT Smock XL $350 -CP Gear MOFOCR Vest CADPAT with pouches $300, without pouches $150 -OTTE Gear CADPAT Goretex Jacket XL $250 -ICE Tactical Rucksack main bag CADPAT (covered in MOLLE, no pockets but bigger than a Large ALICE...
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    CADPAT/Tan/OD Gear, Pouches and Rucks

    I have a ton of military and tactical pouches for sale. These are not cheap airsoft knock offs, all of the items are the real deal made by reputable dealers such as Tac Tailor, CP Gear, HSGI and ICE Tactical. The majority of the pouches are in CADPAT, with some others in Tan or Coyote and a...
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    West Coast Medak Pocket Reunion

    Folks I've been asked by the organizer to post this link on here: http://allevents.in/North%20Vancouver/MEDAK-POCKET-REUNION/189054641256126 Cheers Noneck
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    MARPAT ILBE Rucksack

    I was out on the SRR for a few years, when I got back in in 07 I got sized for the new ruck and was told that it would be issued soon. 6 years later I've still not had it issued, in the meantime I've used my old 64 bag...but it's reached the end of it's life. Recently I was told that the new...
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    WTS-Tour kit no longer required

    The Residential Sergeant Major has decreed that the shed will once again become the home of our yard tools and not my unoffical RQ stores! So these are the first items of my kit clear out. I would prefer to bundle together so feel free to make me offers. Shipping will be on top of the prices...
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    PRes Inf DP3B 2012 courses

    Just heard that there will only be one DP3B this year, most likely in the Fall. Can anyone in the know confirm this? I don't have access to the DIN at the moment. Is there any reason for only running one course? Have they changed the course and what is the duration and proposed dates? Need to...
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    PRes Inf DP3A (SAIC)

    Can anyone provide me with the PO's for the PRes Inf DP3A Small Arms Instructors Course? Cheers Noneck
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    QC militias/paramilitary groups (merged)

    I found this on MP.net, I don't speak French....is this airsoft or are these guys for real? http://www.milice.qc.ca/ Noneck
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    RCMP recruiting unit focus on CF Audience May 28, 2008

    I wanted to make sure this gets out to the widest audience possible. There is no better time than the present to consider a career in policing. On Wed 28 May at 1930 hrs, the RCMP E Division Recruitng unit will conduct a career information presentation for 39 CBG soldiers in the Anderson Room...
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    Drunk Darth Invades Jedi Church

    Drunk 'Darth Vader' punished for Jedi attack LONDON (AFP) - A booze-fuelled Briton pretending to be Star Wars villain Darth Vader was punished Tuesday for a bizarre surprise attack on two Jedi fanatics. Arwel Wynne Hughes, 27 -- who has a chronic alcohol problem -- donned a black bin bag for a...
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    The real Rambo...well sort of!

    From Miltaryphotos.net....awesome tache! Dude sorta looks like Burton Cummings! http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=129309 Skegness = Hope, BC Noneck
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    Free Running "Parkour" goes to war

    RM training in parkour from ARRSE http://www.guardian.co.uk/military/story/0,,2239647,00.html and on that topic: Extreme Welsh Parkour http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9UmHNSficJU Noneck
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    AMENDMENT#93489321 (4TH EDITION) TO UK FORCES (IRAQ) SOPs: ACTIONS ON: IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICE(IED) 1.Household Cavalry. Regard IED with haughty disdain and rustle Daily Telegraph angrily. Maintain presence of IED in Knightsbridge is “absolutely preposterous”. Return to regimental main...
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    Translating Military Skills into Civilian Terms

    Folks here is a table I have poached from another thread on this site. Some of you that have posted questions on this thread about police interviews ect and how to utilize your military service in the experience related interview questions. It is a an outstanding tool to assist you in preparing...
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    D/COMM Busson RCMP Interim Commissioner

    Just off ROSS, Bev's the new interim boss! That's great for the West and for operational members across the country. I hope she becomes the substantive Commissioner. :cdn: Noneck
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    C7 Pam on Line

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the C7 Pam on Line? Please bare in mind that I do not have access to the DIN. I need to run a buddy through the drills prior to us going on an upcoming range exercise. Cheers Noneck
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    Rejoining the CF after being a member of the Royal Marines

    Can anyone on the site help with information for a buddy? He is a former Res F and Reg F mbr of the CF, currently serving in the Royal Marines. He is planning to get out in a short while after 8 years service in the RM including active service in the gulf. My friend is considering rejoining ...
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    I just recieved the new ARKTIS catalog yesterday and was surprised to see that they are now producing clothing and gear in CADPAT. Witihin the catalog are two examples of CADPAT gear , one being a smock and the other a modular vest. My initial impression of the smock is that the CADPAT seems...
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    Transfer from SRR to PRes-Qualifications

    I have a question that maybe someone on the board could assist with. I was transferred to the SRR from the PRes in Feb of 2000 after graduating from the RCMP Depot. I have been lobbying since then to have the QR&O's amended to allow RCMP members in to the PRes. This measure has now been...
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    Wearing Of Foreign Wings On CF's

    Has anyone heard of this? I have been in contact with the organizers and they state that the wings are official and are authorized for wear. http://pathfinder.twilightsociety.com/basictraining.html Here is the website for the training facility...