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    Email Clarification

    Good Afternoon, myself and some recently acquired friends have recently completed MPAC at Borden on October 27th. A few days ago I got this email: "Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Armed Forces and for taking the time to participate in the Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC) /...
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    To Work or Not to Work

    So I wanted to share a question with everyone, and hopefully come up with a good title for this post while I write it  ::) . I am currently in my last semester of university (almost done, I can literally taste it). So far my application process has been going really well, and apart from a few...
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    Just Wanted to Say Hello

    Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself to all you wonderful people. I'm a university student out of Ottawa currently finishing the last year of my undergraduate degree in Criminology & Criminal justice. I applied to the Canadian forces a few months back thinking that the process would...