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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruiting Center: Ottawa Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: Officer Trade Choice 1: Aerospace Control Officer Trade Choice 2: Intelligence Officer Trade Choice 3: Military Police Officer Application Date: Nov., 2014 First Contact: Dec., 2015 CFAT: Feb. 9th, 2015 ASC Phase 1: Aug. 21st -...
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    Interview advice (merged)

    If I recall correctly - during my interview they were only interested in the one trade they had open (in my case, this was Pilot). We briefly discussed my other trade choices, but more as an overview and to explain why they were closed at the moment.
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    Anyone else feel like the spotlights on them?

    Here is the information you are looking for: https://army.ca/forums/threads/124464/post-1461319.html#msg1461319
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    Criminal Records Check

    Good Day! I recently received an e-mail from the CAF for a Criminal Records Check request for Germany (born there; however, do not hold dual-citizenship - but lived there for a few months in the past ten years). My questions are as follows, and is geared to anyone having experience with...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Thank you :) I passed for my trade. The best one can do is to be well rested, this would be my advice. Best of luck to all! 
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Heading out to Trenton tomorrow for my ACS :)
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    Occupations for my Degree

    Thank you Master Corporal Steven for your prompt reply! ;D
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    Occupations for my Degree

    Good Day, I have a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. What officer trades am I eligible to apply for (DEO). Thank you in advance! Regards, Silje