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  1. J

    Civilian employment

    Hey everyone, I am going to study engineering in university, and am looking at some possible army careers after I graduate. Artillery officer is one a career that I wish to pursue, but I do have some questions about civilian employment after my military service ends. 1. How long is an artillery...
  2. J

    Reserves and University Sports

    First off, I am new here, so apologies if I'm not doing this right. For the past few days, I have been looking for this answer but came up with nothing. Would it be reasonable to play a university sport and do the reserves? The season begins in late August and ends in October. No practices until...
  3. J

    jets vs helicopters

    i am deciding whether to do one or the other, please respond with pros and cons which one makes more of a difference, gets deployed more? thanks.
  4. J

    Canadian navy pilot

    what does a canadian helicopter pilot do on board a ship?