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    Being searched/patted-down every time I enter the recruiting office

    Hello all, I am just wondering if this is a new policy that has been implemented. The last two times I went to the recruiting office, I have been searched/patted-down by a security guard prior to being able to enter. I noticed that the individual behind was not as 'thoroughly' checked as I was...
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    Nurse Practitioners in the CAF

    Hello, I will be completing my BScN pretty soon, and I was thinking about re-applying to the CAF. However, I recently learned that the military doesn't hire NPs, and therefore doesn't fund the MScN-NP degree. Is there a particular reason for this, and if so, is it likely to change in the near...
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    Education Waiver for DEO

    Good day, I applied to an officer occupation which is 'in demand' via DEO but since the MCC wasn't sure my degree was acceptable, an education waiver request was submitted to Ottawa. I just want to ask how long it usually takes to find out whether it is approved, and whether special...
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    My MCC is on leave? (Application to ROTP)

    I applied to ROTP and have completed the CFAT, Interview, and submitted the reference forms. The only thing left is an updated medical (and my CFRC has no slots available until April). I have absolutely no idea if I have been merit listed yet, and what is happening with my file. I have tried...
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    Applying through ROTP and DEO at the same time?

    Is it possible to apply to different occupations through ROTP and DEO at the same time? I originally applied to Nursing Officer via ROTP, but I'm starting to think that my chances might be slim since there are very few spots nationwide. If it is possible, can you please tell me when there will...
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    MARS Officer Question

    Does the MARS Officer trade require some sort of preliminary examination, like Pilot and AEC require Aircrew Selection in Trenton? Thank you
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    I don't know what to do now?

    Good day everyone, I applied to the Canadian Forces in April 2012 for the Pilot and AEC trades. From that time until now, I have completed all the application steps (CFAT, Medical, Interview, etc.) and went to Aircrew Selection in Trenton a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I did not pass (but it...