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  1. Inspir

    Report obtained by CTV News shows lack of confidence in military justice system

  2. Inspir

    Drafting and Survey Technician

    Browsing over the CAF recruiting website and noticed two new trades, specifically: Drafting and Survey Technician Is this trade a split off from Geomatics Technicians? Changed Subject / Title / Topic to "Drafting and Survey Technician". - mm
  3. Inspir

    Safety Brief

    Just a heads up for you guys and to keep your head on a swivel. Saw this YouTube video which was posted on the Canadian Armed Forces Facebook page. The author claims to be a former naval reservist and is advocating the murders of government officials, police officers, and CAF members. This video...
  4. Inspir

    Detachment Organization

    Was wondering what the working structure in your detachment/guard house is. Would Corporals be equivalent to Constables, Master Corperals to Watch Supervisors, and Sergeants to Watch Commanders? What is the role of a Warrant Officer and Master Warrant Officer at the detachment? Do you have Chief...
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    Which occupations are eligible under the NCM SEP?
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    FOL Inuvik MP Contact Information

    Wondering if someone has the Military Police contact phone number for FOL Inuvik
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    American Science Degree

    Sent this as an email to the recruiting centre and thought I would post here as well. I will graduating from Montana State University next year and was wondering if anyone on the board would know if the Forces would accept a degree granted by an American university for DEO.
  8. Inspir

    SMR and Childbirth

    For the medics: A question that came up recently was how to perform SMR on a patient with a high index of suspicion for spinal and pelvic injury and have an immediately impending child birth at the scene at a MVC. Which are your priorities? How can you modify SMR in this situation?
  9. Inspir

    Cardio Alternative with MCL Tear

    I recently tore my MCL (medial collateral ligament) when I dislocated my knee as a result of falling through two floors. I have since been ordered by the doctor to have my leg in a brace for 7-12 weeks and not to put any weight on it so it can completely heal. I was wondering if anybody has any...
  10. Inspir

    Corrections to MP

    Anyone ever heard of anybody who did this and how they faired? I got hired recently by Federal Corrections and figured I would finish my degree and diploma and maybe apply for MP four-five years down the road (because as the rumours have it, if you ain't out of there by 5 years you'll never...
  11. Inspir

    Keg Questions

    This might seem like a bizarre question but I was wondering if any of you on this board have any knowledge in regards to purchasing a keg of beer? More specifically where you can purchase it, how much it costs, and what is all entailed when it comes to deposit and ordering? I was given a keg...
  12. Inspir

    Family Coat of Arms

    I found this neat little website on the net last night and thought I would share it with you. You pretty much enter your surname into the search field and it comes up with a brief history of the name and its lineage as well as the family crest. www.houseofnames.com Sometimes even a family...
  13. Inspir

    Saskatchewan Correctional Workers Walk Out

    Shared in accordance with the "fair dealing" provisions, Section 29, of the Copyright Act http://www.cbc.ca/canada/saskatchewan/story/2006/12/20/sask-strike.html?ref=rss
  14. Inspir

    CF/DND Fire Apparatus

    Does the CF/DND have fire apparatuses designed specifically for the field? I found this “fire truck from hell” and was wondering if the CF has something similar to it, or if they only use a normal apparatus.
  15. Inspir

    What’s your justice system model?

    What’s your justice system model? Justice, Deterrence, Selective Incapacitation, or Rehabilitation. Justice Model: A model of the criminal justice system that emphasizes legal rights, justice, and fairness. A main feature of this model is that any punishment should be proportional to the...
  16. Inspir

    Mountie shot man in self-defence, says B.C. attorney general

    I can understand the mother's reasoning's and I regret the lose of her son. If a LEO shot a member of my family I would be upset as well, even if it was justified. I found a video of somewhat the same scenario where a LEO was forced to use deadly force...
  17. Inspir

    Cop Shot 22 Times

    This is by far the scariest, most dreadful, and god awful video I have ever seen in my life. What makes it even worse is the dumbass fuking comments by these punks in the comments section. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RlrLEQmR44 MOD: Please delete if this has been posted before
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    I had this email forwarded to me from a friend in the states. I thought I would share it with you. Not sure if its old or not. I had a good laugh  :dontpanic:
  19. Inspir

    Reinstating the Alberta Provincial Police?

    This may have been discussed in the forum before but I did not find anything on the search function. It has come into discussion in my CJ class about the possible reinstatement of the Alberta Provincial Police, and subsequently the removal of the RCMP from Alberta. In discussions with other...