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  1. jaysfan17

    DFS Machine Gunner Badge

    https://cpgear.com/collections/operational-badges/products/dfs-machine-gunner-badge Does anyone know the specifics of this qualification badge? I’m wondering what course people take to get it or if there’s a CANFORGEN out there on it.
  2. jaysfan17

    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    Roger, thank you. I suspect Inf O to Int O will be the ‘red to green’ scenario.
  3. jaysfan17

    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    I was wondering if i could get some insight on how lengthy the process is of VOT’ing from Inf O to Int O. Specially, what does the whole “trades being red or green mean”. Does red mean they need more people?
  4. jaysfan17

    Navy to consider gender-neutral ranks

    I've had a quick read through the postings in this thread and there's been some interesting points that I've observed from both sides of the fence here. I'm more inclined to side with the non-name changing camp. However, after doing some self reflection of my own I understand why there is a need...
  5. jaysfan17

    CFLRS with social/physical distancing

    I really hope RMC does this because I really do not want to have to do distance learning full time again. It sucks so bad.
  6. jaysfan17

    References Superthread [Merged]

    Can’t see why not. Like you said it doesn’t specify what nationality your character reference can be, so go with it.  It would would be stupid if your reference had to be a specific nationality, imo.
  7. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    No, wait it out. Selections are still going on.
  8. jaysfan17

    Recruiting during Covid

    Just to build on what Buck said, most units are on minimum manpower at the moment anyway, so they're not closed entirely. It just depends on the area you're in. Depending on the unit, it is best to call instead of email and even if a recruiter is not there you may be able to talk to a clerk who...
  9. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    No news, yet. We probably won't find out closer to July. There's a chance though that we'll be starting out distance learning. Personally, I think the upcoming academic year should be distance learning, but I'm not a health official/provincial politician. Also, you'll be informed by your...
  10. jaysfan17

    Past drinking affecting recruitment

    As said above, just tell the truth. They’ll ask you that sort of stuff in the interview, should you chose to apply, but if you’re interested, just go for it. I’d suggest staying away from the Navy trades..... ;)
  11. jaysfan17

    Application from Reservist to JTFF2

    Thanks for throwing that CANFORGEN out there. I've always wondered why the JTF2 pre-selection only requires applicants to do the BMSS while CSOR is required to do the Combat Swim Test for their pre-selection.
  12. jaysfan17

    Application from Reservist to JTFF2

    I realize I may be a little late to this topic, but I think I may be able to help OP and/or future posters with similar aspirations. One of my buddies who I deployed with last year applied for JTF2. He’s been in for 6 years I believe (30 years old), achieved the rank of Cpl/LS, been on 2...
  13. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    I would assume it would be the end of May. Much like what you saw already with some people in this thread hearing about their selection 1-2 weeks ago. Have patience and faith. After we compared notes via PM, you are certainly a better candidate than myself. There are sporadic offers that can...
  14. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    I don't think those details are official yet. In the email I received, for the "school" section, it simply said RMC. I think once the offer letters get sent out you'll know a bit more about where you're going, if we go at all. First term (maybe first semester) could start out via distance...
  15. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    I just received an email from admissions and they’ll be counting my credits towards my degree. They also mentioned that it is not uncommon for students to graduate “early”.
  16. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    I might not be of much help to your question as I received an email from my CT broker as I am transferring from the reserves. However, when I completed the interview I asked how I%u2019d be notified and the Captain said most likely through email or phone call plus a letter in the mail...
  17. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    I received my acceptance today as well for 4 years as InfO. Hopefully I can cut that 4 years into 2 and a half as I’ve already completed a handful of courses.
  18. jaysfan17

    ROTP selections FY 2020-2021

    I did my interview for InfO in mid feb. At that time there were 3 positions filled. But i have not received an offer.
  19. jaysfan17

    Dive Medical Forms

    I suppose you’re correct, but considering how long my paperwork has been sitting in Toronto for I don’t see why I haven’t received that final signature; but I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore because despite my unit saying trades training hasn’t been cancelled yet, my Dive PO is...
  20. jaysfan17

    Joining NAVRES with full-time job.

    I was told by the recruiter at my unit that after March 31st new positions open up, ie: PID openings. However,  with this whole virus thing going on and bases having all these restrictions, I’d just wait out for a bit. IMO. Cook is a good trade though. Good luck! If you don’t mind me asking...