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  1. Hot Lips

    Med Gear Site

    Didn't see this site on here...might be a ref to same but I didn't see it... Awesome kit...one of the MedTechs who is headed off to the sandbox for the third time recommended it and said they were utilizing kit that can be found on this site for their predeployment trg this time around...
  2. Hot Lips

    Females members authorized to wear the male DEU pants...

    For any of the female members who find the fit of the female DEU pants not suitable for their build...there is a way to be given the go ahead to wear the male DEU pants... I now wear the men's DEU pant and they are great!!!  8) HL
  3. Hot Lips

    Happy International Women's Day

    I would like to take this opportunity to say Happy International Women's Day to all the great women I know and don't know...both military and civilian... Have a great day ladies! HL
  4. Hot Lips

    Re: high-protein diets and other stuff

    Of course...Paracowboy...we agree on basic nutrition requirements...I am always up for an arm wrestle. I will however make the following point...if I was not training and sedentary my caloric requirement for the day would be in the ball park of 1200 calories to maintain my weight...but when I...
  5. Hot Lips

    Persistence and perserverance pays...

    So I received my offer today  ;D ;D ;D ;D Yes, yes all of your kind words, prayers and encouragement have paid off... That and a little persistence and perseverance on my part. A huge thank you again to all of you for your kindness...I won't let you down  :salute: HL
  6. Hot Lips

    PTSD Care Demand Taxing System - US

    http://www.military.com/NewsContent/0,13319,102159,00.html This article is dated 21 June 2006 It focuses on US troops returning from service in Iraq and A-stan... HL
  7. Hot Lips

    PM Harper to be in Halifax today to announcement military spending

    I heard on the radio- C-100- this morning on my way to the gym that PM Harper is to be in Halifax today to make an address regarding military spending and purchases. HL
  8. Hot Lips

    A Little Known Fact - Alcohol is A Carcinogen!

    http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2005/nov2005_report_alcohol_01.htm There have been a few posts regarding smoking issues and how terrible it is and that it causes Cancer...well here is an article that illustrates the possible negative effects of alcohol consumption...just an FYI Coffee anyone... HL
  9. Hot Lips

    From the light side--- Immigration ditty :)

    http://www.dailyripple.com/?a=view&id=12993 I got a chuckle from this...everyone may not... HL
  10. Hot Lips

    Iraq attack kills 2 CBS crewman, injures reporter

    http://sympaticomsn.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060529/iraq_cbs_060529 Two CBS News crewmen were killed and correspondent Kimberly Dozier was seriously wounded during an attack on a U.S. military unit in Iraq. The network has identified the dead as veteran cameraman Paul...
  11. Hot Lips

    Five Canadians injured in Rocket Attack - May 29

    Thought I would post the latest news from A-stan...it is on CTV this am as well. http://sympaticomsn.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20060503/afghanistan_ambush_060529 HL
  12. Hot Lips

    Happy Mother's Day

    I would like to wish all the mothers out there...whereever they are and whatever they are doing...a Happy Mother's Day  :salute: HL
  13. Hot Lips

    Women's Attire in the CF

    Just wondering if as a woman in the CF, do I have to wear a dress or skirt and hideous heels at any point in time...ie dress uniforms? Cause I have no desire to do so...hoping there is an option to wear pants. Thanks HL
  14. Hot Lips

    Looking for NOs

    Has anyone seen these CF members, they were in my BScN grad class @ Dalhousie  ;D  Cheryl Paulus, I believe posted to Edmonton, Shannon Clarke and Bobby Matthews (was with the PLF) Love to hear from them or anyone who has worked with them as of late  :-* Pamela Smith
  15. Hot Lips

    Re: Army.ca pub night/meet and greet anyone? HALIFAX ?

    Well a Halifax area get together would be a great idea...someone ought to organize that...