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  1. Crockett

    Naval Dress Questions

    Appologies, I've been up in the NCR for a bit now at a primarily Army unit and am a little out of touch with dress changes. Couple of questions: 1. Boarding party crests. Are they not still supposed to be removed when no longer part of a team? 2. Belts and NCDs. For years when I was at sea...
  2. Crockett

    Are promotions required in the Calendar year or in the Fiscal Year?

    Like the title says, are promotions required in the Calendar year or in the Fiscal Year? I have been bypassed on the merit list. I know my promotion message is now out for maintop, but as I am on PATA (less than 120 days) until mid December there is talk of delaying my promotion until January...
  3. Crockett

    New Fabric for NCD Pants

    Within the last year the newer version NCD pants (cargo pant pattern), had their construction changed from a fabric containing 100% Nomex, to a newer fabric containing a blend 50% Aramid, 49% PFR Rayon, and 1% Carbon. Since this change occurred, I have been forced to exchange approximately 12...
  4. Crockett

    Governor General's Prize

    Shamelessly cross-posted from CGN: Apologies in advance if this is the wrong venue, weapons and ammo seemed the best bet of finding someone that might be in the know. In taking care of my grandfathers estate I came across this: Could this be a Governor General's Prize from the 50's? I know...
  5. Crockett

    Partisan Political Activity

    Apologies in advance, as there are a pile of threads already on this (most of them I read). However most of the existing threads are either regurgitation of the QR&O or personal opinion. Does anyone have a link that expands on / provides guidance on QR&O 19.44 with regards to member...
  6. Crockett

    Name Change

    Crockett > Nuggs All the francophones call me it anyway, apparently Crockett > Croquettes > Nugget > Nuggs.
  7. Crockett

    Navy.ca down?

    I get a HTTP 500 error when accessing anything on Navy.ca Sorry if this was covered already, but I am forced to use this nasty green colour :)
  8. Crockett

    Provincial taxes

    Is there some reason why I would all of a sudden no longer pay Provincial income tax in the new year? For instance is there some formula like there is with EI / CPP where its paid up untill a certain point and stops? Sorry I know this sounds like an asinine question, but I havn't paid a cent...
  9. Crockett

    Dress to report in?

    Probably a stupid question.... New to the forces, was just TD to NRS Halifax for compassionate reasons, what dress do I report in. DEU I assume? Thanks in advance.
  10. Crockett

    Poisoning Incident, 1978, CFB PETAWAWA / Cpl. Aime Crockett

    Looking for anyone that might have been familiar with the incident or may have known Cpl. Crockett.