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  1. Loadmaster

    pmq valcartier

    allo     j'aimerais avoir une idee du prix mensuel pour le gaz et l'electriciter  des duplex  (3-4 chambres )     et des maison en ranger (3-4 chambres) des pmq a valcartier     et aussi environ quel grandeur sont les terrains                                                                ...
  2. Loadmaster

    Valcartier Thread- Merged

    I am curious to know how much the average cost of heat and lights are for the PMQ's in Valcartier (duplex 3-4) and (Row house 3-4) are per month and what size the front and backyards are like. Thanking anyone with info in advance.
  3. Loadmaster

    Looking for information from the Royal Regiment of Canada

    I am trying to find out if the regiment has a list of soldiers that fought overseas after July 1944 -45. I emailed the unit but no one has replied. :-X
  4. Loadmaster

    Medals on rememberance day??

    Can someone tell me the policy of wearing medals of deceased relatives on remembrance day. If this was already posted, can you give me the link. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  5. Loadmaster

    List of members?

    I'm not sure if this was already posted, but can anyone direct me to a list of members screen names for this site if it exists. Thanks  :salute:
  6. Loadmaster

    Any Pers from 31 CER on this site???

    Just looking to see if there is anyone that I know from the unit :sniper: :salute:
  7. Loadmaster

    Separation pay/benefits

    Anyone know what the separation pay is per day now?
  8. Loadmaster

    Any TFC Techs from bagotville?

    Any TFC Techs from bagotville? I am going to be posted after the summer and bagotville will be one of my choices. If any one is in the trade (933) that has been or is there now, could you give me an idea of what they do on a regular basis.