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    PaCE : Performance Appraisal and Competency system

    They're developing an App to use PaCE.
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    Better roles for the CH-149

    Maybe based on weight restriction. New gen MX-10 are 10x better than older gen MX-15. Used one with WPS helo and I was impressed.
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    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    My main concern reading this is the crazy backlog we will have in some trade like aircrews. It takes years to get someone through the pipeline and trained. This is really gonna hit the RCAF and other elements really hard.
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    Aircrew NCMs and ranks

    AES Op used to be automatically promoted to MCpl once OFP. MESIP stopped that and we now have Avr/Cpl doing the exact job previously were MCpl/Sgt.  IMO I believe this was a mistake, since it hurts both the line units and members. It is a struggle for appointing Leads as Cpl because of the...
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    Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

    Not surprise to read this. We had a Chinese PLA delegation that came visit our school about 3 years ago and they were giving out “gifts” to staff (coins and souvenirs). Such a nice gesture right? Turns out those gifts had to be quarantine because of suspicion of containing bugs inside that could...
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    I didn’t anticipe to read something so grim when I clicked on the link.
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    Helicopter working with HMCS Fredericton missing?

    This news outlet says it’s a Canadian helicopter. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.barrons.com/amp/news/canadian-nato-helicopter-goes-missing-off-greek-island-air-force-01588189507
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Yes I’d also like to see the link. All I’ve heard were rumours. 90% of the CAF is working from home on their cell or civie emails. It’s challenging for sure!
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    I agree, I visited Cold Lake last May and noticed how in poor condition the infrastructure is on the Wing. The hangar where by far the worst I’ve seen in all my travel across all RCAF Wings.
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    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Congrats on being accepted into the trade. As for BTL in Edmonton, yes you can request it via your BTL CoC, however it doesn't mean you'll get it. Often there must be a compassionate reason for moving unqualified BTL AES Op around the country. It boils down to who'll pay for it. In the...
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    Sleeves up in Cadpat

    Gotcha, thanks for the info EITS. So depending on which version Cadpat  shirt they have, the member can choose to roll their sleeves or not. Kinda using common sense.
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    Sleeves up in Cadpat

    So are RCAF folks supposed to keep sleeves down and follow this CA direction? I’m seeing tons of members here with sleeves roll up.
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    Dress and Deportment

    Maybe I’m reading this out of context, but I disagree with some of the comments made above. IMO and in my experience, I’ve noticed that Jnr NCMs in general tends to do more, but also know more than ever before. They are very capable, smart and resourceful people I’ve ever worked with. They are...
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    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    I vote for Cheesy Dispenser.
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    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Send me a pm and I’ll send you the ppt via outlook once I get back to Winnipeg.
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    Maj (ret'd) Graham William Denniston, 1958-2019

    RIP Graham, you were one of the nicest person I’ve work with.
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    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    If you pm me your forces.gc.ca email I can share the ppt brief I used during the tour.
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    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Speaking of recruitment, the AES Op trade will be part of a recruitment road show starting in May. We’re going to visit almost all bases and Wings across Canada. Look for the posters and announcements on your Base for more details.