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  1. Pat in Halifax

    Marine Engineering Technician Training Plan (METTP)

    For those unsure, this Program is still running and will do so until we are able to expand the Mar Eng NCM STEP list. If I were a betting man, I would saying atleast 2 more years. That said, in order to fill this coming course to capacity, the attached will be sent to all CFRCs through CFRG. I...
  2. Pat in Halifax

    RCN to introduce new Conduct Policy and new Alcohol Policy

    We all saw this coming and it sure as hell was NOT just someone on the WHITEHORSE at fault: http://globalnews.ca/news/1723809/royal-canadian-navy-bans-alcohol-at-sea/
  3. Pat in Halifax

    'Older' games on newer OSs

    I run an old Combat Flight Simulator (WWII Europe Series) and it works great but if I try to make it work with a joystick-no joy. I have tried this with a couple joysticks to no avail. I am able to install it and set it up (calibrate it) 'inside' the game but it doesn't show as a controller...
  4. Pat in Halifax


    I don't want to put any details out yet as they may be nothing more than back room Parliamentary discussions but has anyone else heard anything about a proposed change to CFSA specifically a change from 'best 5 years' to 'something else'?
  5. Pat in Halifax

    CPO2 Mark Burnett and PO1 Rick Payne

    For those who have not heard, it is with heavy heart that I am obliged to inform you of the following: The Mar Eng community, the Navy, the CAF and this country lost two great people this week. On Wednesday morning, Chief Burnett died from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident on the way into...
  6. Pat in Halifax

    Retirement of CFCWO CPO1 Bob Cleroux

    I didn't see this anywhere else. Sorry for the format (I am not yelling!). I cut and pasted off the message: SUBJ: RETIREMENT CPO1 ROBERT CLEROUX CFCWO MAR ENG 00367-03 1. AFTER 36 YEARS AND 10 MONTHS OF LOYAL AND DEDICATED SERVICE TO THE CAF AND THE ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY, CHIEF PETTY OFFICER...
  7. Pat in Halifax

    Lost Posts?

    I am receiving Milpoints for something posted Friday which is no longer in the forum. Has anyone else noticed posts from Friday missing? Pat
  8. Pat in Halifax


    Apologies for the time lapse between my promise to kick start this thread and actually getting around to it! I wont lie when I say I am still learning the ropes on this but if I post something that appears (to me) to be unconfirmed, I will make it a point to make that clear. I have started info...
  9. Pat in Halifax

    Rememberance Week Dress in MARLANT/MARPAC/NAVRES

    I thought I would put this out there as many people I talked to around Stadacona today didn't know anything about this: R 011834Z NOV 12 FM NDHQ C NAVY OTTAWA TO MARGEN BT UNCLAS MARGEN 043/12 RCN 045/12 SIC WAC SUBJ: VETERANS WEEK 5 THRU 11 NOVEMBER 2012 BILINGUAL MESSAGE/MESSAGE BILINGUE 1...
  10. Pat in Halifax

    Interesting Golf event in Ottawa area

    For anyone interested, this sounds like a unique charity event being put on by VWoC: http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/362/language/en-CA/Spitfire-Classic.aspx
  11. Pat in Halifax

    100 years since TITANIC's sinking 15 April 1912

    Found this story in another forum. It is an interesting look at the 'underside' of TITANIC's losses.http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...n-7466557.html As well CBC's mini-series starts soon (I know how popular CBC is to some on here) but you never know. I found their mini series on the...
  12. Pat in Halifax

    Cormorant WD Crest

    I will probably get s*** for putting this here but it doesn't really belong in the other threads as only a sailor will likely know what I am talking about. I am looking for a CORMORANT cloth crest (from the NCD, or more correctly, old WD jacket) for a Retirement Shadow Box for an RMS clerk up...
  13. Pat in Halifax

    MAR ENG Queries

    I am kind of surprised one of my 'associates' didn't start a thread here already. I know many questions have been asked and answered in the generic "Naval Trades" thread but if there are any specifics for the MAR ENG (stoker) trade, throw them out here and the few of us on here will see what we...
  14. Pat in Halifax

    Crash of CF Aircraft along Syrian Border 9 Aug 1974

    http://archives.cbc.ca/war_conflict/peacekeeping/clips/7516/ One of the 'older' guys at work here was just telling me this story. I met him in the lunch room and he said something along the lines of "I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing at this time exactly 37 years ago". He...
  15. Pat in Halifax

    Need help identifying German WWI mortar?

    I was sent these pictures by a buddy whose father is part of a Legion committee somewhere in Newfoundland. They have (as he puts it) out back "a mortar thingy". It is behind the old Court House in St Georges and is a war artifact sent to the colony after capture during WWI. The pictures...
  16. Pat in Halifax

    HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN deploying to join CBG off Libya

    Surprised this isn`t here already and if so, in another forum...oops. Got `word`of this one yesterday morning, but CHA is sailling tomorrow morning around 1000. Nothing like a long distance-unsupported-don`t know when they`re coming home mission but I am sure all us sailors would probably drop...
  17. Pat in Halifax

    Canadian World war II Uniform acrutments

    I tried searching for this here and through google and no luck. Each year, I take my dad's beret with me to a Remembrance Day service. When I was putting it back with his uniform after this year's ceremony at Point Pleasent Park, I noticed something on his uniform I had never noticed before. On...
  18. Pat in Halifax

    Sea Service Insignia (SSI) [Merged]

    Seeing as 'we' were reminded several times that this topic seemed to have hijacked another one, I thought I would start it's own. For those on the DIN, latest 'changes' to SSI requirements: http://marcom-comar.mil.ca/ssi-ism/default-eng.asp
  19. Pat in Halifax

    Wartime Victoria (British Columbia)

    I am wondering if anyone out there can help. I am trying to find some history of Victoria during World War II dealing with Naval roles involved in AS patrols by ships and aircraft as well as harbour defences and local precautions. I have found very rudimentary info on the internet including info...
  20. Pat in Halifax

    New name for the Stokers

    Yet another study has come up with another idea for our beloved trade. It would seem now that for administrative purposes, the 3 Stoker trades: Mar Eng Mech, Mar Eng Tech and Mar Eng Art are being rolled into one trade and we need a name. Years ago, I sailed with an EO who was quite adamant...