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  1. andrewkw08

    AVOTP to Nav Comm -- Postings

    Hello, I have been a 291er now for 7 years posted to Ottawa. I am currently in the process of completing an AVOTP to Nav Comm. I am doing this for a lot of reasons, one though that I still have many questions about and cannot seem to find them is postings for Naval personnel. I am originally...
  2. andrewkw08

    Any E Tech's out there?

    Hello, I am currently a 291'er looking to get into a hard navy trade. I am very interested in "E-tech" as it suites my interests best above all else. If anyone out there can give me a good run down on the trade itself. Not just a copy paste from the CF website. Really looking for training...
  3. andrewkw08

    Language courses available in Kingston?

    Hey Ive researched around and have not come up with many answers. Hoping to grab a few. Im doing 00120 Comm Research. Of course my trade well be much easier with other languages. Questions: Are there any available language courses that can be taken in Kingston or Borden. Looking for French...