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    Equitas' Walk for Veterans

    Thought I would ask this question here as it's related to CAF members' participation in protests and political activity. There's a bit of a debate at my work right now on whether a member is allowed to attend the following event (walk for veterans); ...
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    Rules on Cancelling a Release

    Good day, I was wondering if there was a process to cancel a release once it has been submitted.  My TOS expires in close to 6 months therefore need to submit my intention to release soon but I was wondering if I could withdraw it if my other plans don't work out.  Unfortunately the civvy...
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    Physiotherapy Officer

    Licensed Civvy Physio's once enrolled are on what pay scale- GSO or Medical Officer? 
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    Who is my "Commander of the Command"?

    I'm preparing an application to enter a civilian sports competition right now and as per the CFAOs it says that it has to be approved by the Commander of the Command.  I'm posted to 442 Sqn (Search and Rescue), 19 Wing Comox so I suppose I would be under the Air Command and therefore the...
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    Aircrew Medical-Anthropometry Measurements

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to find the Anthropometric guidelines for the different aircraft. Specifcally for the Jet Ranger and British Hawk for sitting height, thigh length, leg length etc. Unfortunately the flight surgeon's guidelines website doesn't have this specific of information. 
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    Selection Boards for DEOs

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows when the seletion board for Electrical and Mechanical Engineer applicants take place.  I've been told by the recruiting centre that my application has been forwarded to the selection board but that I won't hear anything untill November or December...
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    Time Commitments for Various Job Positions???

    How many years does a DEO have to commit to the forces for their particular job?  I think that a pilot has to commit a minimum of almost 10 years to the forces and was wondering if it is the same for other positions. e.g.Electrical and Mechanical Eng. Thanks for any help.