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    Time away

    If you're looking into the ETech trade, plan on being gone and posted to a ship for the majority of your career. In my 23 years, I have 1700+ sea days and counting. I believe the HT trade is a little better with respect to sea/shore ratio, and there are a lot more shore positions for them...
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    Electrical Technician Navy

    Yeah, so using your ideology, if you're posted to a ship, you get sea pay.
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    HMCS Preserver 2012 Hijinks in Florida=desertion charge?

    There's a lot more to this story than you're aware of.  I was there, but I'm not going to elaborate or comment on it.  Incidents like this happen all the time in EVERY Navy around the world, shit happens, and people need to get a grip and some backbone wrt to PR. Believe it or not, CF members...
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    Electrical Technician Navy

    There's also a s**tload of people leaving, and a lot of them are young people letting initial contracts expire and not resigning. Of course some want in, 13 weeks of initial pain is followed by easy money for the next 25 years, but they're leaving because of the "tightening of orders" to the...
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    Electrical Technician Navy

    Well, severance pay for 1. I know, that's gov't-wide, but it's still something that contributes, as the people getting in now won't see it. Any compensatory "raise" was eaten up in taxes.  Sea Pay used to be re-instated once a ship came out of the ditch, not any more, it's re-instated upon the...
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    Electrical Technician Navy

    The amount of people leaving has levelled off in the past few months. The problem is there's a lot of ET's that have over 20 years and a lot of sea time, some of them are just waiting on job offers, so it's difficult to predict releases. There aren't very many ET's (if any) on PATS. They're on...
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    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    I highly doubt we'll see any new JSS, due to budget constraints and political interference in the processes. If the helicopters are any indication of what the future is for these ships, your grandchildren will be on an indexed pension before you see them.  I know they want to revitalize the ship...
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    Electrical Technician Navy

    With the electrical trade losing a significant amount of people in recent months, you can expect that coursing will accelerate. That being said, because the trade is so short trained employable ETechs, I wouldn't expect any kind of equality in the sea shore ratio until you're PO1+. In the CM's...