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  1. Gunshark

    Combat Pants Shortage?

    So I couldn't get the right size combat pants at my local unit in Nov/Dec last year. And again couldn't today. Low stock. Is there a Canada-wide pants shortage right now? Are there any other ways/places to get the pants that fit? Thanks.
  2. Gunshark

    CADPAT Uniform Size Chart

    Hey guys. Looked around here for the size chart for the CADPAT uniform (combats) but couldn't find it. Could someone be kind enough to provide it, for both pants and tunic, or point me to the right thread? Also, is the sizing exactly the same for old and new style combats? Thanks.
  3. Gunshark

    Do PRes Cbt Engr to explosives (From: Combat Engineer Bomb tattoo)

    So it's considered tradition to have this tattoo on your right hand for combat engineers? That's pretty cool. But I thought detonations are only taught in Reg Force units now? Is there any demolition covered at all in Reserve units?
  4. Gunshark

    Voluntary Release prior to the start of the Restricted Release Period

    Good day, I believe I can ask this question in this section of the forum. My question is with regards to the contract I would be singing should I receive a job offer for Pilot. The question is: Even if I am successfully meeting all training requirements, am I free to voluntarily release (VR)...
  5. Gunshark

    Pilot Selections

    My post is in order to get a second opinion from a recruiter who may be familiar with processing pilot applicants, both successful and not. I am a long time pilot applicant, and this summer I passed my 2nd attempt at aircrew selection. I am currently waiting to get merit listed and of course I...
  6. Gunshark

    Combat Engineer Study Materials?

    Hey guys. I am still an applicant, currently considering two trades, one of which is Combat Engineer. I know that engineers go to school of military engineering after basic. What main textbooks are used? Are there any other study materials publicly available? It would be interesting to browse...
  7. Gunshark

    Pilot/Engineer Officer Dilemma

    Hey guys, Hopefully the experienced folks here will be able to provide some advice/insight with regards to my situation. Thanks a lot in advance. I am originally a Pilot applicant, since July 2012, with the other two options left blank as I did not want anything else to potentially affect my...
  8. Gunshark

    Life of a Pilot: The Off-Duty Aspects

    Hello, Long post. Appreciate reader dedication. I’m a DEO pilot applicant, in the application process since July 2012. I’ve read several pilot-related threads on this wonderful forum already and I’m sure I will continue reading further. Admittedly, I haven’t read everything but the majority of...
  9. Gunshark

    Pilot Application 2012 - Anyone in the Same Boat?

    Hello ladies and gents, My first post here. First, a big Thank You to all those who have served, who are currently serving, and those just joining the military now. And a big Thank You to everyone who runs these forums and to all that contribute so much valuable and representative information...