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    The British Army has unveiled the cap badge of The Ranger Regiment

    Ohhhh, you went there 😀
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    Happy St Crisipin's day

    It's enough to make you want to loot/pillage France. Anyone seen my long bow?
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    The Forgotten Battle | Official trailer | Netflix

    One quibble. No. 4 rifles seemed to have been switched out for SMLE’s for the causeway attack, then magically switch back afterwards. And only one Bren gun to be seen? Ok, that’s two…
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    Australian navy's hunt for new sub to replace Collins class

    Two Astutes still in build in Barrow with work started on Dreadnought and long lead items ordered. Can't see how they could squeeze an Aussie Astute in.
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    Replacing the Subs

    With the amalgamation of the three Mar Eng sub-trades, has that alleviated pier head jumping somewhat, or is there still a shortage of Cert 2/3/4s or whatever they're called now? I've been out for 9 years along with most of my peer group. Hard to get a feel as to what the state of Mar Tech...
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    Replacing the Subs

    The core crew is civvies, augmented by RCN pers for RAS activities, force protection, helo ops etc.
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    British Military Current Events

    I’ve now got a mental image of a couple of killick stokers lording over who gets badged.
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    British Military Current Events

    How did Boots, Combat, High hold up to sprinting after Paddy, or was it still DMS and puttees when you were doing it :)?
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    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    The 280s (and steamers) had a big enough MSE department that PM rarely slacked off or had a chance to snowball. It helped that the (Esquimalt based) 280s had a fairly strong return spring.....I've known guys that have done a full career from OD to CPO2 on a combination of HUR and ALG. The WENG...
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Not quite true. The knob (really a glorified reostat) on the LOP provided an analogue signal to the servo stepping motor directly above the LOP. The back of the servo had a gear wheel that had the PLA cable attached to it. The servo had a handle that, with the electric brake released, gave...
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    Royal Navy unveils Type 31 Frigate

    Major departure from the RN's usual naming convention (I think a rebirth of the Leander/Type 12 names was expected), but I like it. Busy program with T26, T31 and Astute in various stages of build at once.
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    How capable is the RCN?

    For Op Apollo on ALG, we had no embarked helairdet and left with no certified flight deck (we used a RN Sea King for that once in theatre.). We had full REMAR for MSE and were allocated a handful of training bunks.  HUR only had a skeleton crew at that time and threw bodies at us, along with the...
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    How capable is the RCN?

    FSTO, I was your A4 for that deployment and can confirm that we collectively did very well in balancing NBP and departmental duties, especially considering a substantial portion of both teams (MSE dept) were involved with cruise engines change-outs during the RAMP.  I do remember wondering what...
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    For Sale For Sale - Framed SAS Embassy Display

    The guy on the far right of the B Squadron group shot is Sekonaia Takavesi, the big Fijian who survived Mirbat in ‘72.  Not much room left on the balcony with him on it.
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    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    I heard the other day that everyone is 1 in 2 now anyways, so why not?😀
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    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    Not sure about the extent of RN amalgamation compared to 15 odd years ago (as observed on a somewhat lubricated one day XPOL on HMS YORK during APOLLO.). Back then they still had artificers and mechanics and could do a whole career as either.  Their electricians were the same, just had an (L) as...
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    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    True enough.....and substantially more integrated than when I left.
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    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    I'm an ex CPO2 Mar Eng and have been out for 5 years this month.  I have friends and peers who have contributed significant blood and sweat over the past few years in getting the MARTECH program off the ground and who obviously have a vested interest in its successful launch. I hope (and wish)...
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    Canadian Values do not include Canada for younger generation

    My high school years where between 1980-85.  If you showed an interest in a trade (including taking shop/tech classes), you seemed to be written off by the "guidance" councillors.  This was in Ontario when Gr. 13 still existed.  Uni was the place to go, followed, begrudgingly, by community...
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    Naval Combat Dress (NCD) uniform [Merged]

    I had a seven year break between sea postings with no refresher training.  First bong-bongs after my lengthy sojourn ashore, my pants get tucked into socks like it's 1999.  Oh, how the others laughed. :P