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  1. cphansen

    PM Chretein did all right by us

    He kept us out of IRAQ and later developments are showing the WMD hysteria were based upon a lie. Not by the Americans but one person an Iraq chemical engineer. Take a look at the article at http://www.military.com/news/article/source-of-iraq-wmd-claim-admits-he-lied.html?ESRC=eb.nl One man...
  2. cphansen

    Bev Oda

    I have a hard time understanding why she is so strongly supported by Harper. To me, the situation is very clear. Bev Oda is the minister and as such is responsible for her department to the Canadian people. As the Minister, she needs to use her best judgement and does not have to follow her...
  3. cphansen

    Xmas message

    While this does have an American theme, I think it's applicable to our forces as well. I hope you all a Merry Xmas and wish you all safely home soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_P6yU_ymFM&feature=3Dshare You're in our thoughts
  4. cphansen

    BGen S.V. Radley-Walters & The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment

    I was a member of The Sherbrooke Hussars, when they were formed as an algamation of The Sherbrooke Regiment (RCAC) and the 7/11 Hussars. The Sherbrooke Regiment was honoured to carry on the battle honours of The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment ie SFR and the SFR's last CO was Maj S.V...