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  1. Jim_Steed

    Found Airborne Coin

    Have gone through Joe Drouin, he has him registered but don't know his where abouts. Also talked to RCHA Shilo and Petawawa. He's out there some where. Jim
  2. Jim_Steed

    Found Airborne Coin

    I found a medal in the snow. I have been trying to return it ever since. It's about the size of a silver dollar.One side is engraved E-Bty-Para, the other side has Fitzgerald J.P 02814. I would like to see this returned to him. Being a retired member of the Airforce I realise the importance...
  3. Jim_Steed

    Canadian Airborne Brotherhood

    If you are a Airborne Jumper and looking for someone, go to the following site. www.cdnabbrotherhood.ca Over 6000 jumpers on the Nominal Roll so far. Canadian Airborne Brotherhood The Brotherhood Web Site consists of a Nominal Roll of all jumpers from the Canadian Armed Forces. This is not a...
  4. Jim_Steed

    CWAC Para Trained WWll

      :cdn:Looking for Women that where Para Trained during the war. They where trained in England and jumped with SOE and other units. Help woud be appreciated. Jim :cdn: NOTE: CWAC reunions ?
  5. Jim_Steed


    :cdn: rbmorton_46@hotmail.com Let me explain who I am, my name is Ron Morton, I'm a retired Correctional Officer, served in the Canadian Army  with R.C.E.M.E. and now most of what I do is work on the computer. Typical retirement stuff. I make 3d military badges as a hobby, and as of late...
  6. Jim_Steed

    Hey - We are hearing that Canada is/are DESTROYING over 67,000 FNC1 and FNC2s

    :cdn: Looking for pictures of a FNC1. Jim
  7. Jim_Steed

    Lt Col George Alfred FLINT

    :cdn:Regimental Adjutant (780) 973 4011 ext 5453 Fax: (780) 973 1613 mcconechy.RJ@forces.gc.ca From: Turner WO CA@ADM(HR-Mil <mailto:CA@ADM(HR-Mil> ) DHH@Ottawa-Hull <mailto:DHH@Ottawa-Hull> Sent: July 7, 2005 11:18 AM Subject: Searching for N.O.K. Hi, my name is WO Coady Turner and...
  8. Jim_Steed

    Canadian Forces Superannuation -Reduction of CPP bridge benefit at Age 65

    Stoffer, M.P. Sackville-Eastem Shore 51 Cobequid Road Lower Sackville, N.S. B4C 2Nl February 21,2005 Dear Sir: Subject: Canadian Forces Superannuation Benefits-Reduction at Age 65 This letter is written specifically to seek your support with regards to terminating the reduction formula...
  9. Jim_Steed

    Gallant Confirms Rejection of Government Appointee

    :cdn:For Immediate Release                                                                                                              June 16, 2005 Gallant Confirms Rejection of Government Appointee for Military Ombudsman Ottawa, Ontario... Cheryl Gallant, MP...
  10. Jim_Steed

    What is a Veteran?

                                  Some veterans bear visible signs of their service...a missing limb, a jagged scar, a certain look in the eye. Others may carry the evidence inside them...a pin holding a bone together, a piece of shrapnel in the leg...or perhaps another sort of inner...
  11. Jim_Steed

    Canadian Airborne Brotherhood

    Canadian Airborne Brotherhood The Brotherhood Nominal Roll consists of all jumpers of the Canadian Armed Forces. This is not a club or an association. It does not cost a cent. You will find that there are all types of men and women that have jumped from perfectly good aircraft...
  12. Jim_Steed

    Airborne Wings for RCMP/Police

    Can some one tell me why the RCMP can not wear their wings. There is quite a few who have left the Military to join the RCMP. The Armed Forces and the RCMP are both  Federal . Canadian Airborne Brotherhood James E Steed CD* RR1 5086 Hwy 38 Harrowsmith ON K0H 1V0 cdn.ab.brotherhood@sympatico.ca...