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  1. BlueJingo

    Course T-Shirts

    Hello, I just wanted to put it out there that I like to make different t shirt logos/designs focused on the CF.  For Example; http://www.tshirtmonster.ca/designer/mchadwick87/ They would be great for QL3 course t shirts, as names (for example) can be added to the back of all the t shirts...
  2. BlueJingo

    PM Not working...

    I would of rather sent a PM about this but that's what's not working for me! It keeps saying (on a different screen) Method Not Implemented <POST to /forums/index.php not supported.> Can this be fixed or is it my computer  ???
  3. BlueJingo

    Fun Stuff: Classic Cartman

    For those who absolutely love South Park... post some classic moments To start http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBnyvF8j6bQ Cartman wants to save his 'best friend' kenny using stem cells... and breaks into song. It was the heat of the moment..... hehehe  ;D
  4. BlueJingo

    Log Birthday?

    Can anyone help me, I don't remember when the Log Branch Birthday is... I've tried searching but only found when the EME Birthday is (Happy belated by the way lol) Is there anywhere where I can find it? ???
  5. BlueJingo

    Apply for CT duing Mata Leave

    Is it possible for me to apply for a CT (to regs) duing my mata leave with intentions on going through when i'm done mata leave? (trying to minimize the time after i return to work and going regs)  :)