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  1. Troopasaurus

    CZ buys Colt (including Colt Canada)

    CZ has bought colt and its canadian subsidiary (Colt Canada). Wonder what this could mean for the pending pistol search and future weapons developments. https://www.reuters.com/article/czg-colt-idUSL1N2KH3HO
  2. Troopasaurus


    Hi I am looking for some idea‘s for some games (wargames) to do with some friends. We usually play capture the flag with armbands and well its fun when we get lots of ppl out (between 10 and 20 show but we have had 86 ppl) but im looking for some new idea‘s These ppl are friends from cadets...
  3. Troopasaurus

    The Paintball Over The Years Thread

    I am an avid paintball player and was wondering on joining the reg force would i be able to continue playing and bring my marker on to the base ? also do any bases have teams i know RMC offers a paintball team
  4. Troopasaurus

    issued firearms

    i have a question about issued firearms do the recon specialists (infantry) use the C8 or the C7 ? and who is eligable to get the browning 9mm ? what about the possibilty of carrying your own personal sidearmy (in your name not the army‘s) ? any help is greatly apreciated
  5. Troopasaurus

    Boot cleaning / polishing / care of

    post your good tips for boot shining here ill start first get alot of polish on your boots and melt with heat do this repeatedly until you have a good base on it then buff next take a small amount of polish apply in small circles breath like you would into cold hands (hot breath) then do...