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  1. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    BV 206 question on electrical outlets.

    What sort of electrical outlets are present on the interior of the Canadian Army's BV206?  24V, but what sort of plug?  Any cigarette lighter ports?  Any in the rear, or just in the front cab?  Does it have a Cooking and Boiling Unit?  I wouldn't imagine that it has any sort of electrical...
  2. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    M113 / AVGP / Bison Driver "weather protection?"

    The canopy for the bison windshield?  We've got loads of 'em in our TN stores.  Most in fairly new condition, with frames.  They don't do bugger-all for the aforementioned wind whistling past the bottom half of the crew commander, though.
  3. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    M113 / AVGP / Bison Driver "weather protection?"

    Howdy. Anybody who has done any winter road moves in a Bison is well-acquainted with the Arctic blast through the driver's hatch which is directed at the crew commander.  A month or so ago, I heard somebody mention that the M113 had something like a kayak skirt to fit around the driver; would...
  4. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    "No Mk III boots left in the system," they said.

    Haven't been able to get a pair since '08.  Yet here they are, never issued judging by the tags on 'em in the photos, and being sold off in bulk, and I'm stuck with the bloody moon boots. ...
  5. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Questions on the Cooking and Boiling Unit / Boiling Vessel

    Yes, the bison does have a Prosine to invert to DC, and I've made sure the ignition was on.  I don't think the batteries were too low, but I'll try again after the next road move.  I have a kettle, but I still like having the BV in order to safely boil water on the move, without scalding...
  6. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Questions on the Cooking and Boiling Unit / Boiling Vessel

    C3I, I guess we'd call it.  RRB.  And I've just found frying instructions. http://www.scribd.com/doc/33227572/Tank-Combat-120-mm-GUN-Challenger-Part-2-Fighting-Systems
  7. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Questions on the Cooking and Boiling Unit / Boiling Vessel

    The powers that be have made the colossal error of giving me a Bison.  I like to think of it as a self-propelled tea kettle with a machinegun.  Trouble is, my BV won't work on generator power.  It'll only run with engine power.  One of our drivers suggested ensuring the ignition switch was on...
  8. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Who cooked at Camp Nathan Smith?

    Sounds like a likely suspect.  I am much obliged.
  9. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Question on Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 rear sight removal.

    Like I say, the retaining pin on the left hand side came out easily enough, but the axis pin that the sight turns on just won't come out.  I don't know if the end might've swollen from my first attempt at removing it years ago; in hindsight I don't think it's bent, since the sight pivots on it...
  10. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Who cooked at Camp Nathan Smith?

    Does anybody know what that fried cheese was (I think it was some sort of cheese, anyway) at breakfast at Camp Nathan Smith?  I miss it, and I need it.
  11. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Question on Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 rear sight removal.

    I'm trying to swap out the sight on my No.4.  I've got the retaining pin out, but the axis pin on which the sight turns won't come out.  It rotates, and it moves laterally about a millimeter, but that's it.  Any idea what the trouble is?  All I can think of is that it might be slightly bent...
  12. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Civvy job opening in Ottawa.

    I happened to come across this on my job search.  Don't think I'm quite qualified, so somebody else might as well have a go if they're interested. "Radio Maintenance Technologist" with Canada Border Services Agency in Ottawa, paying $53,459 to $64,243 per annum...
  13. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    How do you prepare for an exercise?

    If you have to be awake, and you're not actually doing anything, you might as well be eating. Buy one or two of those massive 400g chocolate bars from Wal Mart.  Get Hexy tabs from CQ.  Make sure you have a hexy stove and canteen cup.  Bring teabags and sugar packets in a zip-lock bag.  If...
  14. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Can anyone tell me about Kabul or ISAF HQ

    Not sure what all has changed in the past two years, but it was a fairly plush camp when I used to visit.  Still had beer, even after the pub in Camp Souter closed.  Didn't like the food, though.  Multinational camp, too much rice and pasta and curry and such.  And yes, either hardship or danger...
  15. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    How to Lose Friends and Alienate Countries

    Would there be anything illegal about offering $50 to anybody in Edmonton who could mail me Doug Benson's nose?
  16. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Woman Delivers Eight Babies

    Reminds me of Monty Python.  "I've got no option but to sell you all for scientific experiments." http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=6fRJ0T-y-pw
  17. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    Recruiting Posters, Slogans and Commercials [Merged]

    I still can't understand how the "Leaping Leopard" has never made it into a recruiting advert. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=YLb5MiP3tcM Or ball-hockey, for that matter.
  18. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    First Aussie VC in 40 yrs

    I was going to post the link to the fantastic Jeremy Clarkson documentary on the VC (his late father in law earned a VC at Arnhem), but it's not on Youtube anymore. Pity.
  19. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    NSE FP or PRT FP ..which one would you chose ???

    1-09?  You haven't started work-up yet?  Are you sure you can still get a position with an FP platoon?  I was a latecomer to 1-07, and as a consequence I ended up working as a driver with NSE det Kabul (food was awesome at Camp Souter, but all my old messmates were down south).  Granted, two...
  20. Steve 1 RNFLDR

    The General Hillier Years. The Merged Superthread

    I expect that in several years' time he'll be Lieutenant-Governor of Newfoundland (The Honourable John Crosbie was only sworn in a few months ago, and I expect the General would rather occupy himself with something a bit more strenuous in the meantime), and Honourary Colonel of The Royal...