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    Special Operations Pilot

    Function of needs of the Forces, Ranking and Preferences. Higher ranking increases the chances of getting a preferred platform but no guarantees. When you apply to become a pilot you cannot say you only want to fly x and y and not z. Higher ranking in terms of your course ranking during flight...
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    Special Operations Pilot

    So they are technically special forces? What are the implications/ expectations? After a "standard" helo tour they go on the OTU Special Ops Helo course? Would they be categorized as Close Support Personnel or fall under the Assaulter umbrella?
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    Special Operations Pilot

    Looking to get pointed in the right direction regarding how one goes about becoming a special operations  pilot after wings? Is it something that is requested by the member before wings or are you actively recruited by Special Operations? Do those potential pilots go through the same course/...
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    Phase 2 Pilot wait time

    What are the wait times looking like for Phase 2 these days?
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    2020 In Service Selection Commissioning Competitions (CFRP, UTPNCM, SCP, CEOTP)

    Thanks for clearly up the general differences between the 2. Good luck to everyone currently waiting for offers and congratulations to those you have received their offers. I can attest to the difficult times and uncertainty of waiting on the outside.
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    2020 In Service Selection Commissioning Competitions (CFRP, UTPNCM, SCP, CEOTP)

    CEOTP individuals go to Seneca intermittent with pilot training while UTPNCM does 4 years of University before stepping foot inside an aircraft( akin to RMC) ?
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    2020 In Service Selection Commissioning Competitions (CFRP, UTPNCM, SCP, CEOTP)

    What is the difference between CEOTP and UTPNCM?
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Dont take this as gospel but from what I have come across on this site, reddit, and interactions with other candidates, those with multiple trade choices will get the medical and interview first from a DEO standpoint. Those with pilot only applications seem to get the ACS first ( due to...
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    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    Is this because of time living/ traveling abroad? I heard such applicants with time outside the country have significant processing times at this stage.
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    Commercial Pilot Licence ( CPL )

    During ACS we were briefed during a break that CPLs no longer get a by-pass in phase 1. I believe it came down to a case by case situation or they scrapped the by-pass altogether. In any case, I believe it would be beneficial to get a taste of the military way of flight instruction even if all...
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    BMOQ 2018 - Regular Force

    Add another one to September 10 BMOQ! Mini Vacation then BMOQ!
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    Medically Unfit & Ineligible

    Really? Ive been on the competition list for PLT/ACSO/AEC for a year plus. I sure do not see my email box lighting up with offers.
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    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Hi Buck. Is it possible to shed some light on the breakdown/importance of each component with regards to your overall score. For example, 60% based on Cfat, 20 % TSD, etc. How important is the ACS  and score received with regards to overall competitiveness, specifically for DEO aircrew trade...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    How did you get official word on this? They only take measurements of pilot applicants after they passed ACS for pilot.
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    Why Delete Your Account?

    That’s fine if you want your account to be deleted. You dont, however, have to put the site and the people associated with down. To aspiring and current members, this site has been/ is a wealth of valuable information. Sure you have the recruiting centres for official information, but because of...
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    World Cup 2018

    Fortune favours the bold...and the lucky...and the trustfund children.
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    More and more funnies.. vol: something...

    That letter was just awesome.
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    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    I was placed on the competition list in October 17. My medical and interview expired and I had to redo them. I have a few standard medical forms I need to get filled ( routine lab work). My question is whether I will remain on the competition list and be eligible for selection during this...
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    Van attack in Toronto [Merged]

    I had my interview scheduled at CFRC Toronto yesterday. It was rescheduled due to a scheduling conflict about two weeks ago by the RC. The time frame and location ( Yonge and Sheppard), not to be mention the weather that day had me thinking. Probably would have finished before noon, gone to get...
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    Van attack in Toronto [Merged]

    I was going to bring up that point. That would be an utterly disgusting scenario.