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    Special Operations Pilot

    Looking to get pointed in the right direction regarding how one goes about becoming a special operations  pilot after wings? Is it something that is requested by the member before wings or are you actively recruited by Special Operations? Do those potential pilots go through the same course/...
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    Employer and the CAF Application

    Good day everyone, I was looking to get some feedback with regards to my future course of action. I have my update medical and interview coming up. They are scheduled on back to back days. I need time off of work to attend said appointments. It would be nice if they were both on the same day but...
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    Considering Closing my Application

    So I am having serious thoughts about a career in the armed forces and if I am cut out for this. I am a PLT/ACSO/AEC applicant on the competition list, with minimal flight experience (<20 hrs of on-and off instruction). Back track to one year ago, passed ACS and CFAT with high scores, working...
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    Any (Military) Benefit to Blowing Physical Standards Out of the Water?

    So I'm patiently anticipating receiving an offer for an Aircrew Trade and was wondering if there is any practical benefit to showing up to BMOQ and banging out 100 push-ups, 60 sit ups in a min. and scoring really high on the step test, above and beyond the passing score.