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    Dark Blue Berets return

    On 15 May 2019, all serving Canadian Gunners are to begin wearing a dark blue beret Besides an odd date to chose, 26 May would have made more sense, I kind of have mixed feelings about this. Yes the dark blue has a long history, but gunners wore the green beret for close to half a century. ...
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    Plane Savers: Buffalo tries to save Normandy C47 for 75th anniversary

    For fans of the "Ice Pilots" series, you might be interested in following the project under taken by the crew at Buffalo airways to get an old C47 they found in Montreal airworthy again. The aircraft itself has quite the storied history, having actually flown Ops during the Normandy landings...
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    Fire Base Illingworth - Philip Keith

    This book covers a battle for a Fire Base (FB) that happened in Vietnam, 1 Apr 1970, near the Cambodian border.  The FB taking its name from a young 1st Cav soldier killed a few days before the battle.  Besides the battle for the fire base itself, it also provides the context to the change in...
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    USMC Artillery in action, Firebase Bell Iraq

    A short article on recent events in Iraq: a section (troop size) of USMC M777 has been in action supporting local Iraqi forces, and was attacked itself; some casualties including KIA SSgt Louis Cardin Officials are not calling the firebase a Combat Outpost though, because it is behind the FLOT...
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    New Artillery Capbadge

    Royal Canadian Artillery units are adopting a new cap badge as of 26 May 2016; the attachment has more info
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    Modern War Magazine: Battle of Kandahar

    The latest issue of Modern War, from Strategy and Tactics press, covers the conflicts within Kandahar region from mid 90's to 2015. It is limited in scope to a synopsis of strategic objectives, with some limited operational background info, of first the Taliban then NATO forces following 9/11...
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    AAB 2012 sign of things to come

    The Artillery Advisory Board was held in Shilo just over a week ago, and the prognosis isn't too bad But things are slowing down, no surprise; I think the best way to sum it up is the director's comment "embrace the suck!" Most people will not want to read the information on Army programming...
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    Combat Mission: Shock Force (current Cdn Forces)

    An interesting new module from Battlefront Combat Mission:Shock Force NATO Forces - includes Canadian Forces Looks like they took a snapshot of what was being used in Afghanistan 07-08 for modelling the entities For those unfamiliar with the game, its more of tactical or operational type of game...
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    Canadian and Afghan Artillery units conduct Regimental Fire Missions

    An interesting article, and a positive sign of how far the ANA has progressed (and that some in the Canadian Artillery still know how to do Regimental fire missions themsleves!) http://www.army.forces.gc.ca/land-terre/news-nouvelles/story-reportage-eng.asp?id=5110
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    AMS Symposium and Mr Gnr conference 14-16 June 2011

    Hopefully this message will reach some of those Master Gunner retiree's who track this site but have fallen off the radar for normal distribution of this info. This year the Master Gunner conference will take place in Kingston 15-16 June, running parallel with the symposium presented by this...
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    Sgt Corbeil MID

    The following is taken from a message sent out by the Col Cmdt for the Artillery, Gen (ret'd) E Beno, on an award for bravey by a young Artillery Soldier.   Bravo Zulu to Sgt Corbeil Following is Sgt Corbeil's MID citation, and it sure makes you proud to be a Gunner: “On August 23, 2009...
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    "In their boots", US Veteran created series

    Running now on the PBS channel is a series called "In their Boots". It follows the individual stories of US Veterans, the impact their service has had on their families and their communities. The program is also available on line. http://intheirboots.com/itb/about-us.html The program is the...
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    Secret War Files: the Mace (Falaise 44)

    The history channel has a fascinating series on the reexamination of secret logs and files, in particular ultra, to put forth some interesting arguments on why certain critical battles during the latter part of the Normandy campaign turned the way they did. For operation Totalize its suggested...
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    50 cal accident: using a round as a hammer

    Came across this one the other day, thought it might be a useful topic on the utility, or futility, of safety bulletins. A soldier decided to use the base of a 50 cal round to hammer a mount pin into place, and almost lost his hand in the process. Consequently a safety bulletin was put out to...
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    Journey to Ortona - Ancestors in the Attic

    A recent episode on the show Ancestors in the Attic, follwed a student, taking part in the "Lest We forget Project", researching a name, Melville Madden, found on the cenotaph in his hometown Lacombe Alberta I thought the show was extremely well done. You have to look past some of the goofiness...
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    RCHA Club (Kingston) Last last call 28 Mar 2010

    The RCHA club in Kingston will close their doors for business on 28 Mar this year, due to lack of support. This is truly sad, and seems to be mostly due to apathy. Anyone who has served in 2 RCHA and done a freedom of the city in Kingston can well appreciate how welcoming that place was, when so...
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    Greatest Tank Battles - Hockwald

    Just finished watching an episode of Greatest Tank Battles that featured the struggle for the Hockwald gap at the end of WW II It was certainly interesting to see a series pay attention to this particular Canadian Battle when so many of their stories virtually ignore Canadian involvement...
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    GPS software glitch-problems?

    Mods feel free to move if you think this belongs elsewhere A recent upgrade to the master control software for GPS systems, may have had a detrimental effect. A notice advisory to NAVSTAR users, a NANU, was sent out at the beginning of January, that any GPS users noticing any unusual problems...
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    Terror in Mumbai-HBO documentary

    A recent documentary on the terrorsit attacks is being presented by HBO http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/terrorinmumbai/ Its well worth seeing for those who have an interest in how those terrible events occurred, and why it took so long to deal with such a small group of terrorists, this...
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    The need for a manned control tower at Fredericton airport

    Last week while flying into Fredericton, the Jazz flight I was on did an abrupt manoeuvre because the planes Traffic Collision Avoidance System sounded an alarm due to the proximity of a trainer somewhere in the circuit. I found out this week that this actually made the news...