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    VR vs 3B (Being told because I have an awarded claim from a SDA I can just VR)

    So I've always heard form pretty well everyone "don't get frustrated & VR, wait for your medical release if you are entitled to one". Now (unsurprisingly) my file is taking forever to get to Ottawa and back and this is only going to take longer as COVID19 is making the backlog worse, I've...
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    Component Transfer Question

    I have accepted an offer for a component transfer from PRES Infantry to ACS Tech, and thought that I was to start as a PTE 3, however this is what my offer & ETP Instruction says, based on this can someone help me figure out what rank/pay I'll start at? a. Posted to: CFSATE Borden; b. UIC...
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    ACS Intake Numbers for 2011

    Anyone have a rough (Or Accurate) idea as to the number of ACS TECH spots the air force is looking to fill for 2011? I'm awaiting a CT to ACS and, I'm looking for the total numbers when it comes to CT's. Thanks
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    Is there a CF pension buyout (not buyback)

    A friend of mine told me that there is away to request a pension buyout, I'm just curious if anyone has heard of this? I plan on getting out of the CF soon and have about 21 months of class "C" time plus 10 years of  reserve service. I know about the Severance Pay but has anyone heard of how...
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    DND Car Insurance

      The CF has all these different support programs ie. CFPSA, PSP, SISIP, CANEX, they must have some kind of program in place to help it’s soldiers with automobile insurance? I am having trouble with my civilian provider over the cancelling then reinsuring my vehicle, due to rotations. I also...
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    Anyone who make our new NMVG? Or who might sell them? :cdn:
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    Airforce Q's ( ACS / AVN -Tech )

      I am in the reserve infantry in Ontario, and want to find out more about the AVN-Tech & ACS-Tech trades. I have been a reservist for just over three years and have done a NATO tour (9 months of Class-C) Mostly I would like to know: - How much money is made monthly? - What will finding a job...
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    Army pams?

    Anyone know a source for army pamphlets, I would like to have them around for quick references. Specifically the C6 and C9
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    --- Pay Q's ---

    I am thinking about putting in a transfer to 3RCR, I was wondering what kind of cash you guys clear in a month, and when you will be going on the next Afghanistan rotation?   Also what kind of financial benefits dose the army give you (ie. Housing, auto insurance anything like that.) :cdn: