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    Pension Indexing for NCMs?

    Our Sgt recently informed the troops that only officer's pensions get indexed, not NCMs.  I've gone through the pension info on the official website and I can't find anything that supports this delineation between officer and ncm pension indexing. ...
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    Can the CAF solicit donations?

    I've recently been voluntold to go around to local businesses (in uniform) to solicit donations for our unit's Christmas party (as prizes).  There will be no receipts, we have no charity registration number.  What I have is a letter from my CO introducing me as an ambassador from my unit to...
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    Signallers: CLP or Graphite spray for masts?

    In the winter time sections of a mast freeze up pretty easily.  I was wondering if it's better to use CLP or graphite spray on them prior to bringing the masts out to the field.
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    Any SigOps in Edmonton ?

    Hello, I'm currently doing my QL3 in Kingston and they're asking me about my posting preference.  Are there any SigOps in Edmonton here?  Do all Edmonton Sigs get attached to 1 CMBG?  What is the work like (day-to-day and deployed) ? Can I rent single quarters at the base? Thank you, DC
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    PteB PteR PteT ?

    I see these abreviations around alot PteB PteR PteT Does anyone know what they stand for?
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    Sig Ops postings

    Hello, If there are any experienced sig. operators around, can you give me some info... I'm waiting around in in PRETC in Borden right now, my Sig Ops QL3 course will start this August.  Will there be any elective courses I can choose from or does everybody take the same courses? Will I get...