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    This makes me very sad...

    Not only does it make me sad, but it's happening a lot lately lol
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    For Sale - CPGear Chest Rig - Coyote Brown - $250

    Looking to get rid of a CP Gear Modular Fighting Order Carrier Rig... in normal terms, a chest rig.  Dumb name, pretty awesome vest. Purchased for the full amount plus cost of malice clips, so around $380. New CoC, so can't wear it anymore... as is tradition. It was a pretty impulse buy anyway...
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    Spec Pay and IPC

    I have recently completed QL5 and been given the big ol' Spec Pay raise. Usually this is awesome news, however this has affected my IPC. Before Spec Pay I was a Cpl 3 with a month until Cpl 4 roll-over. The kicker was I spent 5 years in the Res which granted me 330 days reg force time, which was...
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    Mixing CADPAT and Civvies

    So searching the threads I've found discussion on wearing of the CTS Small pack for the LCF and that although it looked dumb, it was technically acceptable by the dress regs. It made me think of a topic I'm interested in hearing what you all have to say, and it didn't appear to me as it's been...
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    WTS - Magnum Stealth Force 11.5

    Got a pair of Magnum Stealth Force size 11.5 to sell. Paid around $185 for them in 2010, worn twice but my ankles didn't like them. Been in the Basement ever since. Selling em for $100. Would prefer selling to someone in local Edmonton Area, as I do not have a Paypal account. If anyone else is...
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    Quick question. How do keepers go in for the first time on a set of new Air-force DEUs? Was army for 5 years and never had a problem... it looks like the slits are stitched over on the tunic??
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    American Rank Equivalents

    Just wondering if anyone knows the equivalents or the rank structure of the americans? I guess the americans can help with this one :) Canadian Rank Structure(Army) :warstory:Enlisted :threat: Private Corporal Master Corporal Sargeant Warrant Officer Master Warrant Officer Chief Warrant...