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  1. Anthony

    More "Fast Ferries" - Gulf Coast Operations

    Bought three fast ferries for 454 million dollars, barely used em, sold a few years later for 4.5 million US a piece :o. All the wasted money in this country on both the provincial and federal levels, it boggles the mind :'(.
  2. Anthony

    Victoria Class Submarines

    I know this may be an odd question, I didn't wanna start a new topic over it so I figured I'd throw it in here. Do submariners have any means of staying in shape/exercising while on deployment? Just curious because if submariners can be assigned to a sub without neccesarily volunteering, and...
  3. Anthony

    Question about Sonar and/or Sensor operators...

    :brickwall: My mistake :) Thanks for the advice.
  4. Anthony

    Question about Sonar and/or Sensor operators...

    Hey guys. I'm just finishing my last year of high school, and have been trying to decide which military branch and career I'd like to shoot for. The ones that look the most interesting to me are the Navy's Electrical Sensor Operator, and the Sonar Operator. I basically wanted to know how math...